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Superior standards. Sustainable solutions.

Flow Tech, Inc. helps people create the safest, healthiest and most efficient building environments. We sell, service and support over 20 manufacturers' engineered equipment and systems for HVAC and water/wastewater applications.

“Flow Tech brought very good subs to the table, and was very tenacious with the suppliers too. Overall they refuse to fail and don’t accept disappointment. They go above and beyond.”
Bob Henry, Senior Director of Facility Engineering

"Thank you ever so much for getting us the drive and getting it installed, much appreciated. You have a great bunch of techs too!"

John Brodie, Superintendent | Fairfield WPCF

"Flow Tech has great team, that’s for sure! I love working with Kevin Wixom, Mike Davis, and Nichole Petersen. Three really great people to have a conversation with; genuinely great people and great team at Flow Tech!"

Rich Melo, Dir. of Estimating | MJ Daly

Variable frequency Drives (VFD's) for HVAC and Water/Wastewater Applications.

Custom Air-Handling Systems

Airflow Measurement and Control Systems

Installed Facility Monitoring Systems for Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

Engineered air mixing systems and equipment.

Evaporative Condensing Chillers

Code-Compliant & Corrosion-Immune Air-Handling Systems

Freeze Block HVAC Coils

Chillers, AHU Packages, RTUs, CRAC Units

Ventilation and Drive Engineering

Total Heat Recovery Chillers

Dehumidification and Heat Recovery Systems

Engineered Filtration Systems

Corrosion-Resistant Exhaust Systems

Critical Airflow Control Systems

Custom Air-Handling Packages

Particle Control

Ultra-Violet Applications for HVAC and Virus Containment

Control Dampers

Energy Recovery Wheel Systems

Custom Air-Handling Modular Solutions

Hazardous Gas Detection Systems

Commercial Fans and Blowers

Noise Control Products

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Three men and a women holding up funny photo props - pretzels, fake braids, etc.

Hopped Up for the 9th Annual Flowtoberfest

Flow Tech announces the details of their 9th annual customer appreciation event, Flowtoberfest. Don’t miss out on the fun and networking.

cannabis plants in grow facility

Three Common Challenges Cannabis Grow Facilities Encounter and How to Combat Them

Achieve greater environmental control of your cannabis grow facilities with particle control, UVC air disinfection and dehumidification!

operating room

American Journal of Infection Control: SecureAire Reduces and Removes Critical Airborne Pathogens

Flow Tech’s particle control manufacturer, SecureAire is featured in the American Journal of Infection Control for their particle control outperforming HEPA filtration.