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3 Questions to Ask Before Installing UVC Indoor Air Quality Products

Whether it be a space for learning, working or simply congregating, maintaining healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is more essential now than ever to create a healthier, safer and more productive environment.

The IAQ market is flooded with UVC /disinfection solutions as a result of the pandemic, but how do you determine which solution is right for you? Below are 3 questions one must ask prior to selecting an ultra-violet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) product.

1. What is the best way to improve the air in my building?

It is as simple as increasing ventilation, adding filtration and utilizing UVC-solutions. For ventilation, it is important to increase it to as much as possible without reducing energy efficiency. Filtration should be optimized to at least a MERV-13 but a HEPA filter offers the best results. Lastly, utilizing an effectively designed UVC-solution is vital to disinfecting harmful pathogens that contribute to infections and poor IAQ outcomes. The combination of these three elements is peer-reviewed, scientifically to improve your indoor air.

2. How do I know the solution is working?

It is important to work with a trusted manufacturer of IAQ/disinfection solutions with credible 3rd party independent testing data from government agencies, engineering societies, academic institutions, ISO certifications, etc.

Design and field measurements with monitorization are key for verification. Processes should involve real time measurements using software for complex calculations with measurable field results.

Examples of measurement tools: UV Photometer, Radiometer, UVC-WatchDog, and Controllers.

3. Is UVC safe?

UVC is safely used in many applications for air, water, and food processing disinfection. Correctly installed UVC-solutions are designed to prevent and limit human exposure.

Steril-Aire, Flow Tech’s UVC manufacturer, UVC products produce ZERO ozone and secondary contaminants.

When applied within HVAC systems, UVC is proven to be completely safe for building occupants and trusted in education, transportation, retail, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial, residential and many more.

Are there other ways to improve IAQ?

Although Steril-Aire UVC equipment is a great start to improving your facility’s indoor air quality, Flow Tech represents several other systems that can work in conjunction with UVGI, or as standalone solutions.

Aircuity Demand Control Ventilation

Aircuity Sensor Suites at Takeda
Aircuity sensor suites at Takeda Pharmaceutical

Measuring critical indoor environmental parameters like TVOCs, respirable particulates, and carbon dioxide can provide intelligent input to building ventilation systems for energy efficiency and high indoor environmental and air quality. Aircuity provides safe and reliable demand control ventilation and humidification to a building and its occupants. Accurate indoor environmental quality measurement and control can drive critical business outcomes, including employee wellness, engagement and productivity.

Secure-Aire Particle Control

SecureAire EOS Portable Air Purification
SecureAire EOS Portable Air Purification System

Particle control is a technology to keep airborne pathogens from compounding the ever-challenging indoor environmental quality (IEQ) control. SecureAire provides non-selective ACTIVE Particle Control Technology (PACT) by reducing or removing all airborne contamination sources by separating small particles from their dominant transport mechanism, the electromagnetic field. PACT efficiently conditions, collects and where appropriate inactivates pathogens and particles of concern in the occupied space.

TOXAERT Hazardous Gas Detection

TOXALERT at North Chiller Plant, UMass Amherst

Gas detection systems are a vital component to improving air quality and maintaining safe oxygen levels for building occupants. TOXALERT sensors and controllers are designed to monitor the levels of toxic, combustible, oxygen depleting, refrigerant and other types of gases. They are used in many types of applications including refrigerant mechanical rooms, indoor air quality, enclosed parking garages, warehouses, mining, refineries, pharmaceuticals, and many other types of facilities where hazardous gases are present.

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