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TMI Climate Solutions understands the HVAC needs of mission critical environments demand much from their HVAC systems. Controlling energy consumption and operating cost are vital for any data center.  Installing energy efficient HVAC systems allow more power to be available where it is needed and keep operating cost to a minimum. Delivering custom solutions, such as Custom DX Units, Variable Speed Pumping Systems, Custom Air Cooled Chiller, Modular Chiller Plants and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems which provide energy cost savings.

TMI also builds N+1 and N+2 redundancy chiller plants which include redundancy in the integrated control systems. Their goal is to provide the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) through our innovative products.  TMI works with the user to deliver the best solution to their unique requirements while providing innovative, energy and cost efficient, customized solutions for all their HVAC needs. In the ever demanding 24/7/365 environment, TMI’s products meet or exceed the industry standards for achieving the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, and give customers a higher level of confidence and satisfaction in their HVAC systems.


Rooftop unit

TMI Climate Solutions Rooftop Units


TMI Climate Solutions was recently successful in securing another large project in the data center industry.  Due to non-disclosures that are in place, the customer shall remain nameless, however the project consists of seventy-two (72) identical roof top units at 57,250 cfm per unit that will be utilized in maintaining strict temperature and humidity levels in a very large data center facility.  The units are comprised of a return/exhaust fan section, filters, evaporative cooler, supply fans, and temperature controls.

The project is under a very aggressive timeline and all units will need to be installed by April of 2017, which is perfectly suitable for TMI’s capabilities.  TMI has worked diligently in coordination with the consulting engineer, end user customer, and contractors to make this project a successful one.  This exciting project is yet another step in growing their business and product offerings to meet the critical needs of the data center market.

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