Water splashing on an ABB variable frequency drive.

ABB’s 580 Series 4X Drives – Built for Extreme Environments

ABB has introduced a standard NEMA 4X enclosure for their 580 series drives, suitable for HVAC and water/wastewater applications. Designed for outdoor use, the IP66/UL Type 4X drive is UV and weather-resistant, providing superior protection against corrosion and extreme environments. This enclosure allows for installation near the application, eliminating the need for electrical rooms.

Image of water mist surrounding a variable frequency drive (HVAC equipment).
ABB 580 Series 4X drives are beneficial to a variety of facilities


The ABB IP66/UL Type 4X drives are available for a variety of applications including HVAC, water/wastewater, food & beverage, and other industries. Flow Tech is available to help make selections, provide the equipment, service and support the 580 Series 4X ACH (HVAC) and ACQ (water/wastewater) drives associated with the below environments.

Picture of the ABB IP66/UL Type 4X drives. They're designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV, Wash-down zones, Filth and dust, and cleaning agents
The ABB IP66/UL Type 4X is designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Corrosive Environments

The 580 Series 4x drives’ chemical resistance allow ACQs to withstand corrosive environments containing biocides, ammonia and chlorine. IP66/UL Type 4X ensures ACHs, associated with cooling tower operations, remain efficient and reliable thanks to their corrosion inhibitors.

Weather Exposure

Typical weather exposure for drives on air handlers and other outdoor installations can include freezing temperatures, intense heat, UV, rain and salt spray. ABB’s IP66/UL Type 4X drives deliver dependable operation even in extreme environments.

Essential Features


• DC choke for harmonic mitigation
• Integrated EMC C2 filter
• Coated boards
• Safe torque off (STO)
• Optional robust input disconnect (+F254) to simplify installation
• Two option slots for expanded IO or Fieldbus communications
• Optional Bluetooth control panel; can be used up to 250 ft (75m) away


  • Water specific software
  • Standard water specific primary settings
  • Dedicated pump/blower software features used throughout the ACQ580 drive series (cavitation control, pump clean, soft pipe fill, multi-pump control and more)
  • Speaks your language: ACQ580 uses a water dedicated control panel

An optional fused disconnect simplifies installation. This robust UL98 disconnect eliminates the need for branch circuit fuses while maintaining 100 kA SCCR.

Stay Informed

Flow Tech is proud to represent ABB and deliver the IP66/UL Type 4X to CT and Western MA for ACH, and New England for ACQ. Schedule a lunch and learn to keep your team informed, or learn about the other engineered equipment and systems we offer. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: LinkedInFacebook and YouTube.

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