Air Enterprises Improves Hartford Hospital’s Emergency Room Ventilation

As with all hospitals, Hartford Hospital strives to provide only the best healthcare and service to each and every one of its patients. In order to accomplish this, it is crucial that its facilities remain in excellent working condition with optimized ventilation and airflow throughout. However, to maintain this status, any system downtime for maintenance would not only prove detrimental to the hospital, but also to the success of scheduled operations, and overall patient well-being. In order to avoid disrupting the daily flow of patients, doctors, and staff, improvements must be made in a timely manner with minimal disruptions.

Air Enterprises is an industry leader in creating custom engineered air handling and energy efficient solutions for all different types of buildings and is a manufacturer that Flow Tech is proud to represent. Their SiteBilt® AHUs are designed to make installation in any setting simple and painless, as their parts are lightweight to transport and can be easily installed into nearly any existing structure. Today’s blog features a case study in which Air Enterprises was able to safely and efficiently improve Hartford Hospital’s ventilation system without disrupting their ER’s…


The Challenge: Moving More Air while Keeping Emergency Rooms Functional

Air handling units at the Hartford Hospital Emergency Room served critical spaces in the facility, and they could not be down for more than a few hours. The challenge for Air Enterprises was to move more air for the hospital within the same footprint by improving ventilation, while also reducing facility downtime as much as possible.

For the healthcare facility, access was a clear obstacle for the Air Enterprises’ team. The service elevator was the only way to get air handling unit parts down to the mechanical room for on-site fabrication and installation. This meant that all pieces had to be rigged through the 8’D x 6’T x 5’W service elevator and carried through hallways and doors.

Montage of Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital’s Service Elevator & Entrance Points

The Solution: Temporary AHU Assembled to Eliminate Downtime

Air Enterprises’ SiteBilt® air handling unit was transported through the service elevator piece by piece. Another air handling unit for the health care facility was assembled and installed temporarily until the entire project was completed to ensure zero downtime.


The Result: More Cooling Capacity for the Hospital

By raising the roof of one of the hospital’s air handling units, additional cooling capacity was successfully added to the hospital. Because a temporary air handling solution was installed for the healthcare facility during the SiteBilt® installation, Air Enterprises was also able to minimize costly downtime for the client throughout the process.


Check out another case study in which Flow Tech worked with Air Enterprises and Steril-Aire to handle the replacement of an old AHU system in the Hartford Hospital Bliss Building. See first-hand how Flow Tech played a crucial role in meeting the growing demands of the building’s airflow.

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