Air Monitor Releases the Next Generation OAM II Outdoor Airflow Measuring System

Air Monitor Corporation (AMC), is pleased to announce the release of the Next Generation OAM II Outdoor Airflow Measurement System. The OAM II now incorporates a number of enhancements that will allow Air Monitor to expand their position as the leader in accurate and reliable outdoor airflow measurement.

Prominent Features:

  • All Single Channel units now have what used to be the Extended Flow Range
  • True Dual Channel – extended flow ranges and addition I/O to support two completely independent systems
  • New model codification to support all configurations




The OAM II airflow measuring system provides accurate flow measurement in challenging outdoor air applications, as well as other airflow applications with limited straight ducts. The system consists of a dedicated multifunction transmitter with precision ultra-low differential pressure transducers and AMC’s proprietary uni-sensor airflow sensor.

Four analog outputs and native BACnet® or MODBUS® are included standard. Displayed data includes flow, temperature, velocity, dP, absolute pressure and operating status. This data is also provided to the network.



Ideal for Outdoor Air

The OAM II has been specifically engineered to overcome the challenges associated with other methods of measuring outdoor air:

  • The measurements across a fixed inlet minimize the effects of limited straight duct runs typical of outdoor air applications.
  • The uni-sensor significantly reduces the effects of airborne particulates and condensing moisture as well as varying directional wind loads and gusts. Particulate and moisture contamination will dramatically impair the functionality and accuracy of other technologies.


Outdoor applications

Outdoor Air Applications

The OAM II System is factory configurable for a variety of common applications, including:

Minimum Airflow Measurement – The low flow mode of operation provides airflow measurement from 100 to 600 FPM, making it ideal for this application.

Full Range Airflow Measurement – The extended mode configuration provides outdoor airflow measurement from 100 to 2400 FPM – Excellent solution for accurate flow measurement from minimum outdoor air through economizer operation.

Split Minimum & Economizer Airflow Measurement – The min/max (split) mode provides combined airflow measurement for separate minimum and economizer inlets – Effective tool for measuring this commonly used inlet configuration.

Dual Inlet Airflow Measurement – The dual operation mode provides two separate airflow measurements in one transmitter – Great for built-up systems that provide outdoor air to multiple locations.



Extended Flow Range Capability
The extended airflow mode of the OAM II provides a 24:1 range of measurement – Well suited for variable flow inlets.

Multiple BAS Interface Options
The OAM II includes three field configurable analog outputs and one RS485 interface for native BACnet MS/TP or MODBUS RTU.

Color Graphic Display with Interface
The backlit flow display can also provide temperature, velocity or dP data. The user interface has easy to use menu pages that eliminate the need for special tools.

Air Density Correction
The OAM II is provided with a temperature sensor for air density correction – Enabling the OAM II to perform active density compensation and output actual or standard volumetric flow.


Typical Application Guide

The OAM II System can be used with most single, dual, and split inlets found on air handlers and built-up systems. Depicted below are the most commonly encountered inlet configurations. Contact us with any unique configuration or those that do not meet the stated Minimum Installation Requirements.

OAM II Applications Guide


About Air Monitor Corporation

Air Monitor has been delivering airflow measurement solutions since 1967 –  50 years! They are the premier solutions provider for the Commercial HVAC, Industrial Process, and Power Generation markets. They are the only dedicated airflow solutions provider with expertise in differential pressure and thermal dispersion measurement technologies. AMC offers both because they know from experience that it is important to apply the right technology to the right application. Airflow measurement is not a “one size fits all” business. They offer standard solutions for common applications and custom solutions that will fit your unique needs.

When you are an industry pioneer, you develop a unique and critical skill set because you are always the first one called to provide a solution. Air Monitor’s firsts include:

  • Airflow measurement stations with AMCA certified performance
  • Microprocessor based minimum outside air monitor/controllers designed to meet ASHRAE 62 & 189.1 with BAS interface
  • Cost-effective microprocessor-based transmitter with ±0.25% accuracy of full span
  • Multi-point, self-averaging Pitot airflow measuring station
  • Pulverized coal flow measurement device offered in the US

Commercial HVAC Applications


AMC also matches their best-in-class technology with best-in-class technical support. They have an applications engineering team with more than 100 years of industry experience. This group backs up their Regional Solution Team who work hand in hand with the best and most experienced local representatives in the industry. Their technical team is supported by an operations team that has the capability and desire to satisfy any and all requirements. AMC also has a 36,000 CFM DWDI centrifugal fan wind tunnel to test what they build. This wind tunnel was constructed per ANSI / AMCA 610.

For more information about Air Monitor, their next generation OAM II or their other solutions for HVAC applications call us, 860.291.8886, or email us today! You can also visit us on the web. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and YouTube.!

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