Tallahassee-Leon Public Safety Complex

Aircuity Provides Critical Services 24/7

Aircuity Case Study: Tallahassee-Leon County Public Safety Complex

A Reliable Solution for a Facility Providing Critical Services 24/7

The Challenge

The Tallahassee-Leon County Public Safety Complex is a 100,000 sq. ft. unique, multi-purpose facility that was developed in partnership between the City of Tallahassee and Leon County Government in Florida to serve the 281,000 county residents. It was built to house many critical operations and public safety units including the City of Tallahassee Regional Transportation Management Center, Consolidated Dispatch Agency for Leon County and the City of Tallahassee (which fields 125,000 emergency 911 calls annually), Tallahassee Fire Department Administration Offices, Leon County Emergency Medical Services, and the Leon County Emergency Operations Center for activation during area emergencies. In addition to the main building, it also includes a Logistics Building for Emergency Medical Services and the City of Tallahassee Fire Station.

The complex is unique in that it combines all critical agencies into one location and was designed to be a convergence of innovation system designs. The building includes three 250-ton chillers and two geothermal condensing wells. The mechanical design of the facility deals separately with latent and sensible heat loads. The latent load is dealt with at the air handler and the sensible load is extracted by a series of chilled beams. With the humid Florida climate, CRA Architects and H2Engineering, Inc. knew that they needed a reliable way to control the chilled beams and prevent a build-up of condensation and mold. In the Consolidated Dispatch Agency alone, there are approximately 31 employees each with 6 monitors on their desks. Interior humidity levels rising above dewpoint could result in condensation forming on the chilled beams and costly damage to the equipment below. As a mission critical function, the Consolidated Dispatch Agency is at the heart of critical operations. The Aircuity System monitors the dewpoint within the space and the sensor reading regulates the chilled beam supply water temperature at two degrees above dewpoint at all times.

Tallahasse-leon public Safety Complex

A Reliable Solution

The local Aircuity channel partner brought Aircuity’s solution to the project and it was chosen as the ideal way to monitor the dewpoint level throughout the building. Engineers felt confident that Aircuity would continually provide accurate and reliabel readings for the life of the building based on the OptiNet system architecture and bi-annual sensor exchanges through Assurance Services. In addition to dewpoint, the Aircuity system also continually monitors CO2 levels through the space. Aircuity’s flexible system design allows the Tallahassee-Leon County Public Safety Complex the option of adding other monitored parameters at a later date, which they are exploring.

Showcase of Effective Building Operations and Emergency Response

The building was officially occupied during the summer of 2013 with the chilled beams performing exactly as expected, effectively maintaining comfortable temperatures in spite of the heavy electronic equipment load inside and the hot, humid Florida weather outside. Now that this high performing team has been brought together in one location they are able to respond faster, with the right personnel and equipment, thanks to an equally high performing facility.

Tallahasse-Leon Public Safety Complex

About Leon County

For more information on the Tallahassee-Leon County Public Safety Complex contact: Alison Faris, City Communications Department, 850.891.8533, or Jon D. Brown, County Community and Media Relations, 850.606.5300.

About Aircuity

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