An Introduction to VAW Systems

As a commercial HVAC sales company we are accustomed to working with the mechanical aspects of a building or project. Often times mechanical components generate a lot of noise, and in a building such as a hospital, school or office building background noise provided by the HVAC systems is not welcomed. To help combat the unwanted acoustics we represent VAW Systems. They are our noise control product manufacturer.

VAW Systems uses a systems approach to applied noise control engineering. Their silencers are adapted to your mechanical system – not the other way around. VAW Systems works closely with mechanical engineers and acoustic consultants in the analysis and product selection for their most challenging applications. The direct benefits of the Systems Approach includes space and weight reductions, significantly reduced operating costs for facility owners and an enhanced overall system design for engineers. Since their silencers are integrated into the mechanical system design, the reduction or elimination of duct transitions and other fittings often results in a near equivalent total up-front cost.

Below is a company video of VAW Systems to provide you a more complete background on our noise control manufacturer.

Types of Commercial Silencers:

Absorptive Silencer

Absorptive Silencers:

Standard absorptive silencers (acoustic baffles filled with absorptive acoustic grade media) may be applied to most HVAC and fan ventilation systems within a commercial building. These product provide a broad-band range of attenuation using aerodynamically shaped baffles.

Standard absorptive silencers include:

RSA– Rectangular Straight Absorptive

RSSA– Rectangular Straight Absorptive

REA– Rectangular Elbow Absorptive

CSA– Circular Straight Absorptive

ACS– Axial Cone

XTS– Cross-Talk

AL– Acoustic Louver

Film Line Silencer

Film Lined Silencers:

If the airstream includes high levels of moisture, particular and other contaminates related to Indoor Air Quality concerns, consider VAW Systems Film Lined Silencers. These products ensure that no fibrous media particles from the silencer enter the airstream. Film lined silencers meet the NFPA flame-spread and smoke development requirements.

Standard filmed line silencers include:

RSL– Rectangular Straight Lined

REL– Rectangular Elbow Lined

CSL– Circular Straight Lined

Typical film lined silencer applications include health care facilities, laboratories and air intakes at critical building openings.

Reactive no-media silencer

Reactive- No-Media Silencers:

For optimal Indoor Air Quality performance, consider reactive (no-media) silencers. The acoustic baffles are specially designed to tune at critical frequencies found in today’s HVAC systems. The silencer package does not include any fiberous media fill. The micro-perforated liner may be constructed with material that is suitable for corrosive airstreams.

Standard reactive silencers include:

RSR– Rectangular Straight Reactive

RER– Rectangular Elbow Reactive

CSR– Circular Straight Reactive

CER– Circular Elbow Reactive

Typical reactive silencer application include operating rooms, laboratory exhausts, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical and food processing facilities. The silencer casing may be adapted for easy internal access and cleaning, if required as part of a facility maintenance program.

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