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What is an Air Blender and When Would I Use it?

Today’s post will be included in the Spring 2021 Flow in the Know quarterly newsletter. It is the feature of the reoccurring section, “Pick of the Quarter,” where we like to highlight one of our 19 manufacturers and the engineered HVAC equipment solutions we provide. In this post you’ll learn several ways to combat air stratification and promote good air mixing.

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Wrap-around Heat Pipes

White Paper: Controlling Wrap-Around Heat Pipes for Systems with Strict Space Humidity Requirements

Today’s post was written by one of Flow Tech’s Sales Engineers, Michael O. Davis, P.E. In this white paper you’ll learn about controlling wrap-around heat pipes for systems with strict space humidity requirements. It provides a brief background on heat pipes, presents the current challenges when dealing with humidity in HVAC applications and focuses on how to best combat any issues. Six scenarios are discussed and illustrated through psychrometic charts…

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