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Block Disruptive Mechanical Noise and Increase Speech Privacy

At Flow Tech we love niche and sustainably focused products, equipment and systems. We provide many solutions to meet our customer’s HVAC needs. One of the technologies we offer is sound attenuation. You may be asking yourself, “Sound attenuation? What’s that?”

Attenuation is a damping of sound, an interruption that diminishes the volume and quality of the sound wave. In the simplest terms, as it relates to HVAC, sound attenuation helps control and diminish airflow noise and noise created by equipment and mechanical systems.

Why is sound attenuation important? It’s important because noise is distracting! Who wants their surgeon about to perform a life-saving procedure distracted by the ceiling diffuser, or scientists conducting critical research interrupted by the lab exhaust fan turning on? Here’s a less dramatic, yet equally annoying scenario: imagine your office’s conference room has a ceiling plenum with an air handling unit right above. You can’t hear what’s going on in the budget meeting because there’s just too much noise. These situations are prime examples of why Flow Tech and our manufacturer, VAW Systems, provide innovative sound attenuation solutions.

VAW designs, tests and builds silencers of virtually any size, configuration and materials. Their products deliver practical, energy efficient solutions at facilities throughout the world.

VAW Systems uses a systems approach to applied noise control engineering. Their silencers are adapted to your mechanical system – not the other way around. VAW Systems works closely with mechanical engineers and acoustic consultants in the analysis and product selection for their most challenging applications.

VAW silencers are aerodynamically optimized to delivery high levels of attenuation (insertion loss) with minimal pressure drop and adverse fan system interactions. Products include large radius inlets and tapered outlets, delivering an excellent balance between acoustic and aerodynamic performance.

Return Noise Shield by VAW Systems

VAW Systems’ newest commercial product is the Return Noise Shield (RNS). The RNS is an efficient, cost-effective solution that delivers valuable sound isolation among adjacent and nearby spaces that share a common ceiling plenum. Spaces such as:

  • private offices 
  • open plan offices adjacent to noise sensitive work areas 
  • music practice rooms 
  • and more… 
Return Noise Shield shown in ceiling grid.

With a simple, quick installation the RNS provides noticeable speech privacy improvements. The RNS is also effective at reducing mechanical system noise, such as a nearby (open return) air handling unit over a ceiling plenum. With a very low pressure drop, the acoustic benefits may be ideal for occupant privacy and comfort.

In summary, mechanical noise is annoying, distracting and can be dangerous in certain applications. Flow Tech’s expertise coupled with VAW System’s sound attenuation equipment is the solution to your noise control needs. To learn more about VAW Systems and their Return Noise Shield contact us today! Stay up-to-date on news, industry trends and more by following us on social media: FacebookLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.

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