Paul Pranaitis

September 2015 Employee Feature: Paul Pranaitis – Keeps us in the Green

As a manufacturer’s representative, the success of our business is based on selling products and getting orders. Once that’s done many think the hard part is over, but our work doesn’t stop with an order – it only just begins. Someone has to make sure the invoices go out and we get paid for the products and services we provide. This month’s employee feature is going to highlight that person, Paul Pranaitis…

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Derek at UCHC

May 2015 Employee Feature: Derek Labbie Bleeds Flow Tech Blue

Flow Tech is extremely proud of our reputation for providing exceptional service within the AEC industry. We mention it frequently, but only because it’s true. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated service department. Today, we’re going to highlight one member of our service team individually- Derek Labbie. His birthday was earlier…

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Paul Beley

March 2015 Employee Feature: Paul Beley − the Flow Tech Road Warrior

Our service team is compiled of eight field technicians, one service coordinator, and of course, our service manager. Managing multiple people across four states for numerous projects is no easy feat. That’s why for March’s employee feature of the month we chose to highlight our Service Manager, Paul Beley. Take a minute to learn a little bit more about the man who plays such an important role to our company’s success…

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