Flow Tech Training Video Series

Control Panel & Home Screen Training on the ABB ACH580 Variable Frequency Drive

Flow Tech has begun filming and releasing videos that address our customers’ questions or provide training on the use and maintenance of our applied and engineered HVAC equipment and systems.

Our second video release highlights using the control panel and home screen on the ABB ACH580 variable frequency drive. During this informative Flow Tech video, the ABB ACH580 variable frequency drive (VFD) keypad buttons and the functionality of each will be explained. Viewers will also learn how to do the following:

  • Utilize the ACH580’s main menu to select the parameter intended to view/edit.
  • Change the home view settings and signals, such as motor speed.
  • Interpret the status LED light signals.
  • Reset the VFD after a fault.
  • Understand what the startup icon’s different appearances mean.
  • Customize the name of the VFD.
  • And more!

To learn more about the ACH580 VFD, we encourage your to check out our ABB webpage or ABB’s HVAC solutions webpage.

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