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Cooney Freeze Block Coils Designed to Prevent Freeze Damage

Inside the Flow Tech Demo Lab we have a demo of Cooney Freeze BlockTM technology. For those not familiar with Cooney Coil, they make specialized air-to-water coils that won’t damage from freezing. That’s not to say they can’t freeze – important distinction – but more on that later.

The demo is made up two coils mounted face-to-face, plus a pump, piping and various valves/fittings all located inside a plexiglass container in order to demonstrate how the Cooney Freeze BlockTM works. One coil has split return bends, simulating what a typical frozen coil looks like. Usually when coils freeze, ice will build up in the center of the coil. As the water freezes to ice, it expands, pushing it’s way to the outside of the coil. When two ice packs from the same tube meet up at the end of the coil, the water/ice in the tube builds immense pressure, eventually bursting the return bend at the end of the coil. Since return bends are literally bent tubes, the metal on the outside of the tube is thinner than at other parts of the coil, making it weaker and more susceptible to damage (especially from pressure buildup due to freezing).

Cooney FreezeBlock Technology Demo Featuring the Smart Coil.

Enter Cooney Freeze BlockTM technology. Their innovative solution adds a manifold header to the return bends. Attached to the header is a pressure relief valve so that if a coil freezes and pressure builds in one of the tubes, the relief valve on the manifold opens and let’s a controlled amount of fluid out of the coil and into the base/drain pan. Once the pressure is relieved, the valve reseats and the coil can continue to operate normally once it thaws or until pressure builds again. No more costly repairs and brazing copper in the unit or worse yet, having to remove the coil for replacement. Note that this technology cannot be retrofitted onto an existing coil – it needs to be provided with a coil – although Cooney Freeze BlockTM and Flow Tech specialize in retrofit coils.

To take this a step further, Cooney also offers a Smart Coil option which fits a small sensor to the bottom of the valve. Once water is discharged the sensor, which is tied into a controller, alerts the BMS that a freeze event has occurred so that the facilities team can investigate. If you have ever frozen a coil and want to avoid that again in the future, please check out these videos or better yet, come check out our demo in the Flow Tech Demo Lab!

Check out the Smart Coil video below for a complete system overview!

About Cooney Technologies

Cooney Technologies strives to evolve the frontier of energy transfer and provide the ultimate customer experience; their solution-driven team focuses on innovation, education, and lasting relationships. Cooney Technologies is made up of three divisions: Engineered Solutions, Coil & Energy and Transit Systems.

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