Cooney Thermo-Pack

Cooney Thermo-Pack Provides Modular Solution for Steam-Hot Water Heat Exchangers

Flow Tech is fully embracing the modular revolution, especially with the Cooney Thermo-Pack. The modular revolution (if not an actual revolution because I made the term up, I think) is a tendency over the past several years for the construction industry to brace modular, offsite construction in lieu of stick building on site. You’ve probably seen modular air handlers (NOT new technology), modular dorms, modular homes, modular ceiling grids for healthcare (more on that in the future from Flow Tech), etc. The premise is to prefabricate construction offsite in a controlled environment (like a factory) to reduce overall project cost and schedule.

Cooney Thermo-Pack applies this mentality to vertical packaged heat exchangers. This heat exchanger skid utilizes the latest in Shell & Coil technology while helping to save energy, space and money. The Cooney Thermo-Pack provides efficient reliable water heating to the market for both domestic, heating hot water, and process applications. Engineered to sub-cool steam condensate by utilizing the maximum amount of energy from every pound of steam, the Thermo-Pack can help increase efficiency and eliminates flash steam. The compact vertical design can easily fit into tight mechanical rooms. While the ability to further customize dimensions and outlet orientations helps to reduce installation time and costs.

As with all of the systems Flow Tech sells, services and supports, this is a LOWEST TOTAL COST solution. The energy, maintenance and space savings coupled with custom design capabilities make the Thermo-Pack a sensible choice when considering steam-hot water heat exchangers.

Check out the video below for a complete system overview!

About Cooney Technologies

Cooney Technologies strives to evolve the frontier of energy transfer and provide the ultimate customer experience; their solution-driven team focuses on innovation, education, and lasting relationships. Cooney Technologies is made up of three divisions: Engineered Solutions, Coil & Energy and Transit Systems.

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