Phoenix Controls' Smart Actuator

Economically Control Airflow and Room Pressurization with the Smart Actuator by Phoenix Controls

Flow Tech, Inc. has proudly represented Phoenix Controls and their control valves for decades! We’re proud to announce the release of the Smart Actuator! Kevin Wixom explains the highlights of this new equipment in the video below.

Learn about the Smart Actuator from Flow Tech Sales Engineer, Kevin Wixom in this quick video!

Why is the Smart Actuator a big deal?

Controls contractors can now control valves and manipulate a valve curve in the field without assistance of a Flow Tech service technician! Did we mention the Smart Actuator can be controlled by any BMS type, and it has a 1-second speed of response? If we’ve grabbed your attention, you’ll want to keep reading!

What Phoenix Controls Has to Say

To accurately control airflow and achieve sustainable room pressurization, the ideal variable air volume control device seamlessly blends with the native BAS infrastructure delivering adaptability, compatibility, and reliability.

The Smart Actuator leverages the accuracy and reliability of time-proven Phoenix Controls venturi valve technology in a streamlined high-speed actuator package to ensure performance complies with the facility’s specifications.

Phoenix Controls valves with Smart Actuator control are designed to be plug-and-play. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance with adaptable controls – an economically ideal solution for systems requiring dependable airflow and room pressurization control.

The Phoenix Controls Smart Actuator enables the BAS or a third-party controller to command the valve using a scaled 2-10 volt or 4-20 mA signal. The valve then moves to the required flow set point and generates an analog output signal to the BAS giving a precise reading of the new airflow value. For enhanced safety, a flow alarm can also be generated via an optional pressure switch.

The Smart Actuator Configuration Tool provides a software interface to view and adjust parameters if desired. With it facility technicians can implement customized signal scaling and see real time valve information. No formal training is required.

The unique combination of Phoenix Controls high­-performance venturi airflow valves with the high-speed Smart Actuator gives facilities the flexibility to choose their own control methods and rely on the valve to deliver the performance, accuracy and reliability the facility demands to consistently and safely maintain critical airflow parameters, meeting energy-efficiency and sustainability goals.

2 Ways to Learn More About the Smart Actuator

1. Let us know if you’re interested in attending a virtual or in-person information session about the Smart Actuator.

The information session will be a quick, midday program, where Kevin Wixom, Flow Tech’s Phoenix Controls sales engineer, will cover the following:

• High speed precision (1 second speed of response, +/- 5% accuracy)
• Plug & play (BAS input in, flow feedback out)
• Adaptable to any BAS or 3rd party controller

Email Nichole Petersen or click the button below to receive additional information about an upcoming session.

2. Download The Smart Actuator literature sheet below.

We hope you’re interested in learning more about the Smart Actuator. Please contact us to find out more about Phoenix Controls and the Smart Actuator, or to see it in action in our Demo Lab. For more information about our products and services call us, 860.291.8886 or visit us on the web. Stay up-to-date on the latest Flow Tech happenings by following us on social media: FacebookLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.

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