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Eliminate Damage Caused When Frozen HVAC Coils Thaw with the Cooney Smart Coil

To further support our mission Flow Tech has been filming and releasing videos that either address our customers’ questions or provide training on the use and maintenance of our applied and engineered HVAC equipment and systems.

Today’s release, Cooney Smart Coil Demo – World’s Only Smart HVAC Coil, demonstrates how damage caused when frozen HVAC coils thaw can be eliminated by using the Cooney Smart Coil.

After watching this short and informative video viewers will learn:

  • The damage facilities without the Smart Coil face when frozen HVAC coils thaw.
  • How the smart coil controls water release, if and when, frozen HVAC coils thaw.
  • The Smart Coil integrates with any building automation system and sends an alert to the facilities/engineering department to check on the problem.
  • How to manually reset the Smart Coil once the situation has been assessed and fixed.

Flow Tech, Inc. is the proud Cooney Smart Coil representative in Connecticut and Western MA. The Cooney Smart Coil is the newest addition to our Demo Lab and we’d love to give you a live demonstration. Give us a call to learn more, 860.291.8886, or send a web inquiry.

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