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Extend Economizer Operations for AHUs & Improve Ventilation with Effective Mixing

Today’s post includes a special download option to Blender Products, Inc.’s white paper, “Extend Economizer Operations for AHUs and Improve Ventilation with Effective Mixing.”

The white paper highlights the importance of outdoor air ventilation, impacts from air stratification inside air-handling units (AHUs), and solutions to improve ventilation and extend economizer operations for AHUs. The benefits of integrating air mixing technologies (specifically the Channel Blender) into an AHU mixing box or economizer section or as a section downstream are summarized. In addition, information about the significant energy savings of airside economizing and financial attractiveness for the Channel Blender at different electric utility rates are discussed.

About Blender Products, Inc.

Blender Products, Inc. was founded in 1962 with a unique focus on air and gas mixing through the application of static mixing technology.  The company’s patented products and services have been applied on tens of thousands of processes worldwide.

They are a Denver-based, privately-owned business, and 100% of their manufacturing is completed in the U.S.A. They are engineering-driven, and exist to serve customers by providing truly valuable products and systems to our customers.

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