Flow Tech Training Video Series

Field Characterization of Air Monitor Corp. ELECTRA-flo

To address our customers’ questions and provide training on the use and maintenance of our applied and engineered HVAC equipment and systems, Flow Tech has been creating video content available on our blog and YouTube Channel.

Today’s video release walks your through the field characterization of  Air Monitor’s ELECTRA-flo thermal dispersion airflow monitoring station. Often times after the ELECTRA-flo is installed in the field, a controls contractor or a Flow Tech technician will work with a balancer to ensure it is working accurately. This quick and informative video will walk you through using the one, two and three-point calculations of an Air Monitor ELECTRA-flo characterization curve.

To learn more about the ELECTRA-flo thermal dispersion airflow monitoring station we encourage you to check out our past blog post, Air Monitor; Corp.’s ELECTRA-flo Meets the UL-06730 Standard.

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