Four Healthy Building Solutions

Flow Tech, Inc. helps people connect to the built environment by sustainably improving the comfort and safety of buildings. We excel in large commercial and institutional type markets including healthcare, higher education, K-12 schools, pharmaceutical, office buildings and water/wastewater. Facilities within these markets require clean, efficient and reliable air to insure efficient operation while keeping building occupants safe and healthy.

All of the applied and engineered products and systems we provide are considered healthy building solutions. Today, we’d like to highlight five in particular that will ensure a safe environment and maximize occupant welfare.

Air Quality Control

Measuring critical indoor environmental parameters like TVOCs, respirable particulates, and carbon dioxide can provide intelligent input to building ventilation systems for energy efficiency and high indoor environmental and air quality. Aircuity provides safe and reliable demand control ventilation and humidification to a building and its occupants. Accurate indoor environmental quality measurement and control can drive critical business outcomes, including employee wellness, engagement and productivity.

Critical Airflow Control

With high energy prices and greater consequences for healthcare-associated infections, reliable and effective hospital ventilation is more important today than ever before. Better ventilation means better control of airborne pathogens.

Phoenix Controls‘ Theris® family of venturi valves is designed specifically for the airflow control needs of hospitals and critical spaces of healthcare facilities, such as isolation rooms, operating rooms, in-hospital pharmacies, and patient rooms designed for pandemic event. Theris® offers both constant volume (CV) and variable air volume (VAV) systems that are maintenance-free, energy efficient, and provides reliable space pressurization to improve infection control.

Particle Control

Particle control is a technology to keep airborne pathogens from compounding the ever-challenging indoor environmental quality (IEQ) control. SecureAire provides non-selective ACTIVE Particle Control Technology (PACT) by reducing or removing all airborne contamination sources by separating small particles from their dominant transport mechanism, the electromagnetic field. PACT efficiently conditions, collects and where appropriate inactivates pathogens and particles of concern in the occupied space.

UVGI Applications for HVAC

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a method for cooling coil cleaning and for disinfecting air using UV light-wave technology A Steril-Aire system, coupled with an HVAC filtration system removes harmful micro-organisms from the environment. In HVAC applications, UV emitters are installed along the cooling coils to mitigate for a pathogen resource growing in the coils. Eliminating biofilm and mold growth from the coils also ensures the air traveling past the coils will not spread contaminants and germs.

Our team is here to support you and will remain your trusted provider for solutions that can assist you in keeping your buildings as healthy as possible. For more information call us at 860.291.8886, email us or view our complete listing of products/engineered systems and services by visiting our website. You can always stay up-to-date by following us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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