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Flow In The Know Spring 2023 Newsletter – Announcing Enhanced Custom Air-Handling Offerings

The information included in this post is a summary of our Spring 2023 ‘FLOW in the KNOW‘ (FITK) newsletter. The purpose of FITK is to provide our customers and industry friends with valuable content as an extension of helping people create the safest, healthiest and most energy-efficient facilities.

Flow Tech Represents Scott Spring Field, Mfg. Inc.

scott springfield mfg inc ahu

Flow Tech is excited to announce Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc. (SSM) has been added to our product offering. While Flow Tech has become well known for our custom air handling expertise over the past 15+ years, Scott Springfield allows us to expand our solutions capability with packaged direct expansion (DX) custom air handlers.

While that is not SSM’s exclusive air handling offering, it is unique for Flow Tech. With decarbonization and electrification efforts becoming ever more prevalent, especially in the northeast, we are proud to have a better-rounded capability to serve our loyal end users, engineers and contractors.

Pick of the Quarter: Cooney Thermo-Pack Modular Solutions for Steam-Hot Water Heat Exchangers.

Cooney Thermo-Pack

Flow Tech is fully embracing the modular revolution and ever more so with the Cooney Thermo-Pack. This heat exchanger skid utilizes the latest in Shell & Coil technology while helping to save energy, space and money.

Project Feature: Wesleyan Public Affairs Center

TMI Climates Solutions air-handling unit Wesleyan University

Learn how collaborating with design engineers and offering energy-efficient, modular HVAC solutions won Flow Tech the Wesleyan Public Affairs Center project!

Included equipment:

  • ABB Variable Frequency Drives
  • Air Monitor Corp. Airflow Measurement Stations
  • TMI Climate Solutions Custom Air-handling Units
  • Thermowheel Energy Recovery Wheels

ABB ACH850 Video Series: Primary Settings & HVAC Quick Setup

Learn how to use the ABB ACH580 variable frequency drive’s primary settings and the HVAC Quick Setup.

We hope you found value by reading our spring newsletter. Feel free to offer feedback or let us know what you’d like to see in future issues by contacting Nichole Petersen. To request additional information about one of our products or services, or to sign up to receive future newsletters, fill out our contact form. You can always stay up-to-date in between newsletters by visiting our website and by following us on social media: FacebookLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.

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