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Flow Tech Delivers Healthy, Clean, Energy-efficient Space for K-12 Schools

Flow Tech Exhibits at the CSBGA Vendor Day

Founded in 1974, the Connecticut Schools Building and Grounds Association (CSBGA) is a Connecticut-based professional trade organization that promotes and encourages School Facilities Directors, Custodial & Maintenance Supervisors, School Business officials and suppliers to work together respectfully and professionally, developing a proud tradition in the process. Their goals include:

  • Promoting the general welfare of School Supervisors of Buildings & Grounds, their Assistants and other management personnel to maintain a high standard of professional ethics.
  • Elevating individual members through training and study to best serve their community.
  • Encouraging a spirit of fellowship among members to exchange technical information and data for betterment of educational facilities.
  • Defining the educational facilities for the public so that there may be a better understanding of function and operation.
  • Cooperating with the State Department of Education and other governmental agencies to keep abreast of educational and technical trends, regulation and mandates pertaining to health, safety and welfare of students and educational personnel.

Every year the CSBGA hosts a vendor day to connect vendors to facility managers and to have an opportunity to demonstrate their products, explain their services and evaluate competitive lines and equipment. This year the CSBGA’s vendor day will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. It will be held from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM at Amity Regional School District #5, 25 Newton Road in Woodbridge, CT.

Over the last several years Flow Tech has participated in vendor day as an exhibitor. This  year will be no different than any other. We will have a booth (# still TBA) and plan to showcase our Aircuity and Steril-Aire product lines. For more information on how Aircuity and Steril-Aire deliver healthy, clean, energy-efficient space for K-12 facilities, please keep reading…


Aircuity in K-12 Educational Facilities


Aircuity sensor suite

Aircuity sensor suite


The first objective of any school facility is to provide a healthy, comfortable and productive learning environment. By continuously monitoring indoor environmental quality (IEQ), Aircuity solutions ensure that student achievement is not negatively affected by distracting IEQ issues.

A Healthy & Productive Learning Environment
School districts strive to raise student achievement, often with limited or even decreasing resources. Aircuity’s unique approach provides a “Healthy Demand Control Ventilation (DVC)” solution where students and teachers enjoy a better overall learning environment.

Public Funding Savings
Aircuity’s “Healthy DCV” solution can reduce annual energy costs by varying a facility’s ventilation on demand. This savings can be redirected directly into educational programs or simply used to reduce a school’s budget. In addition, new school construction costs can be greatly reduced by downsizing the HVAC system based on Aircuity’s ability to direct ventilation where and when it is needed.

LEED® Certification
In response to a growing need to improve the air quality in schools in order to enhance student learning, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) released a LEED for Schools standard in recognition of the industry’s need to provide a healthier indoor environment for our nation’s future leaders. Aircuity solutions play a significant role in qualifying school buildings for LEED certification.

Insight and Intelligence
Schools often find themselves under-staffed in terms of facility and operations management. Aircuity’s Reporting component can help by providing a dashboard to quickly highlight areas that may need attention by facility managers.


Steril-Aire in K-12 Educational Facilities

Steril-Aire UV emitters

Why is indoor air quality (IAQ) a serious problem for schools?

With over 14 million missed school days each year, providing the best indoor air quality (IAQ) in educational facilities is not an option – it’s essential. The link between indoor air pollution and the health, productivity, performance, and the comfort of students, teachers and staff is well documented.

As the “respiratory system” of your facility, your HVAC system must be clean and in impeccable working order. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the HVAC system is a viable amplifier, reservoir and transport of pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria and mold. These same pathogens have been associated with asthma, respiratory illnesses and allergies that can lead to school absenteeism and impact student learning.

Installed in new or existing HVAC systems, Steril-Aire’s multi-patented UVC keeps coils and drain pans clean, eliminating this source of allergens, toxins and irritants supporting a safe learning environment. Biofilm matters to educational budgets as well. Biofilm buildup strains HVAC systems, increases energy and water consumption and leads to the HVAC system failures that contribute to budget overruns, school closures and delays.

Only Steril-Aire UVC Emitters deliver:

  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Reduced costly HVAC maintenance and cleaning programs
  • Energy savings by restoring heat transfer and chiller efficiency
  • The highest output at HVAC operating conditions for optimal germicidal control
  • The lowest life-cycle cost of any UVC product
  • The most rapid return investment

Never settle for less than Steril-Aire.

When you keep your HVAC and air handling systems free of biofilm, you keep indoor air quality (IAQ) and staff and student performance high and your operational and energy costs low.

If you’d like to speak with us in person we recommend making the trip to the CSBGA’s vendor day on 11/8. If you just want more information about our Aircuity or Steril-Aire services contact us today, or visit our website. Remember you can always stay up-to-date on the latest industry information by following us on social media: Twitter. LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube!

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