Flow Tech Expands Manufacturer Representation With TrueFit AFMS

With the addition of TrueFit Airflow Measurement System (AFMS) to our line card, we are proud to further our purpose of helping create the safest, healthiest and most efficient building environments! We look forward to our continued partnership with MEP design professionals, mechanical and controls contractors, and building end users in Connecticut and Western MA, and we’re excited to provide education on this revolution in airflow measurement technology.

What is TrueFit AFMS?

Equipment/System Type: airflow measurement technology

Built on ASHRAE standard measurement methods, the patented TrueFit Airflow Measurement System delivers accurate, repeatable measurements in nearly any equipment type. Achieve precise and consistent supply, outside, and return air flow measurements across a wide range of equipment with the TrueFit AFMS. From small, packaged rooftop units to large, built-up air handlers, this innovative solution ensures reliable and efficient HVAC operation for enhanced performance and maximum energy savings.

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Key Features

Accurate Airflow Measurement

The TrueFit AFMS provides accurate and repeatable measurements for outside, supply, and return airflow and is unaffected by ambient weather, airborne pollutants, or bends and restrictions in mechanical air delivery systems. Embedded performance diagnostics monitor system performance to ensure accuracy of readings.

Automated Commissioning

The TrueFit Airflow Measurement System programmatically characterizes system performance during commissioning, leveraging the same methods as a TAB technician.  After commissioning, integrated equipment control and system diagnostics are provided to routinely monitor and report performance.

Compliance with IAQ Regulations

Ventilation has been recognized as the first line of defense for healthy buildings. Smart infrastructure and high-performing buildings guidelines stipulate that the accurate measurement of outdoor airflow rates are a fundamental component of healthy and energy efficient building operation.

Smart Building Ready

The TrueFit Airflow Measurement System is interoperable with any building automation and IoT system, delivering system performance data and diagnostics for equipment analytics. The TruFit AFMS can operate in conjunction with existing equipment controls to empower high performance building sequences.

Expanded Equipment Compatibility

The TrueFit Airflow Measurement System can be applied to a wide range of mechanical systems, including unit ventilators, packaged rooftops, complex built-up air handlers and custom-built equipment.

Territory and Contact Info

Territory: Connecticut & Western MA

Joe Augeri

Joe Augeri | Fairfield and Litchfield counties, CT

Kevin Wixom | New Haven and Middlesex counties, CT

Evan Milone

Evan Milone | Hartford, New London, Tolland and Windham counties, CT and Western MA

TrueFit vs Competitors

TrueFit Airflow Comparison Graph

Flow Tech is proud to represent TrueFit AFMS and deliver accurate, repeatable measurements in nearly any equipment type! Schedule a lunch and learn to keep your team informed on this patented technology, or learn about the complimentary engineered equipment and systems we offer. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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