Flow Tech Expands Territory and Manufacturer Representation

With the addition of four manufacturers to our line card, and subsequent territory expansion, we are proud to further our purpose of helping create the safest, healthiest and most efficient building environments! We look forward to our continued partnership with MEP design professionals, mechanical and controls contractors, and building end users in Connecticut and Western MA, and we’re excited to develop new relationships with their counterparts throughout New England!

Now Representing…

Badger Meter

Equipment/System Type: Water Metering

Territory: CT, MA, ME, NH & RI

Badger’s metering technologies help you better monitor and understand your flow operations—from improving efficiencies to addressing equipment issues before they result in downtime. Integrating metering components with flow and temperature sensors allows building and facility managers to measure energy costs for hydronic chilled and hot water applications. Meters accurately measure flow and aid in energy cost allocation/sub-metering, energy distribution, system monitoring and operating efficiency calculations.


  • Joe Augeri | Fairfield & Litchfield counties, CT
  • Kevin Wixom | New Haven & Middlesex counties, CT
  • Evan Milone | Hartford, New London, Tolland and Windham counties, CT and Western MA
  • Tom Halgas | Eastern MA, ME, NH & RI

Critical Environment Technologies

Equipment/System Type: Gas Detection and Indoor Air Quality

Territory: Eastern MA, ME, NH, RI and VT

Critical Environment Technologies (CET) is a leader in the design, manufacturing and service of gas detection and indoor air quality systems. They’ve developed more than 100 different products that are sold in all states and provinces, and can be found in more than 20 countries globally. Ongoing product development ensures their equipment is at the leading edge of a rapidly evolving space. They’re commitment to customer satisfaction, health, safety and environmental protection.

Salesperson: Tom Halgas

CET has an expansive video and technical library. We encourage you to learn more!


Equipment/System Type: Airflow Measurement Technology

Territory: Connecticut & Western MA

Built on ASHRAE standard measurement methods, the patented TrueFit Airflow Measurement System delivers accurate, repeatable measurements in nearly any equipment type. Achieve precise and consistent supply, outside, and return air flow measurements across a wide range of equipment with the TrueFit AFMS. From small, packaged rooftop units to large, built-up air handlers, this innovative solution ensures reliable and efficient HVAC operation for enhanced performance and maximum energy savings.

  • Highly accurate and repeatable measurements 
  • A solution enabling ASHRAE guideline 36 sequences allowing you to use your preferred method of measurement
  • Automated field calibration for hassle-free, efficient installation
  • Integrated fault detection and diagnostics for peace of mind and simplified system management
  • Installation in nearly all equipment types 
  • Low maintenance and lower cost of ownership


  • Joe Augeri | Fairfield and Litchfield counties, CT
  • Kevin Wixom | New Haven and Middlesex counties, CT
  • Evan Milone | Hartford, New London, Tolland and Windham counties, CT and Western MA

NKJ Precision

Equipment/System Type: Airflow Measuring Technology

Territory: Eastern MA, ME, NH, RI and VT

This new and unique airflow measuring station can accurately measure airflows at very low flow rates and can operate in physically restrictive applications. Inspired by proven aviation and automotive technologies, NJK Precision has developed a new airflow measuring station that is entirely different from the methods that have been used in the HVAC industry for a generation.

Salesperson: Tom Halgas

Flow Tech is proud to represent Badger Meter, Critical Environment Technologies, TrueFit and NJK Precision, and to extend our assistance within a greater geography! Stay tuned to our website for more information! Don’t forget to follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

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