Bristol Hospital ER Behavioral Health Suite

Flow Tech is a Proud Sub-contractor of the CT Building Congress Winning Project Team Award- Bristol Hospital Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite

Flow Tech, Inc. is a proud member of the Connecticut Building Congress (CBC). The CBC is an organization whose mission is to provide a collaborative environment that fosters relationships and contributes to the growth and success of the construction industry in Connecticut. As an industry association, the CBC creates a forum for building professionals to connect, learn, and grow.

Through their Project Team Awards (PTA) program, the CBC recognizes outstanding building projects every year that exemplify project team excellence and represent the best practices in teamwork by project owners, architects, engineers, constructors and trades. To receive recognition, firms are encouraged to submit award entries for projects whose team members have met or surpassed goals and achieved higher project quality through this close collaboration.

Flow Tech is extremely proud to have been involved in 3 of the CBC PTA winning projects by providing solutions to improve the comfort and safety of these facilities! Keep reading to learn about our involvement in Bristol Hospital Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite.

Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Healthy Suite

Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite

Category: Healthcare (Small)

Location: Bristol, CT


Bristol Healthcare pledged a new Emergency Department to support their mission: Caring today for your tomorrow. The first phase of this plan was to provide a secured Behavioral Health suite. On day one, the project team began with a charter to define what the success of this project would entail. Weekly meetings kept the group on task, kept budgets in line, and engaged all to make timely decisions.This team was not just owner, designer and builder. Patients and staff came to every meeting, subcontractors were involved daily, and suppliers worked diligently on difficult timelines to create the safest environment for patient care.

Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite

Project Team

Bismark Construction Co. (submitting firm)Bristol Hospital & Healthcare Group (owner)
Anderson GlassMacKenzie Painting
Arch In-HousePark Roway, Inc.
Colonial Wood Products, Inc.Partitions, Inc.
East Coast EnvironmentalPhase Zero Design
Executive Tile & Flooring, LLCRavex Systems, Inc.
Flow Tech, Inc.USA Mechanical & Energy Services
Long Consulting
Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite

Systems and Services Flow Tech Provided

Flow Tech provided, started up and integrated the following:

Phoenix Controls Traccel BACnet style venturi valves

Accel® II valves with Traccel® BACnet valve controllers are designed for ventilation requirements in life science lab facilities where ventilation zone control, energy savings, and reducing maintenance costs are important to operations. These valve controllers provide a safe, comfortable working environment for research in a single standalone lab or an entire research complex. Flexibility, airflow turndown, and added configuration options make it an ideal solution for modular mixed-use facilities.

Life science research spaces designed with an open lab and fume hood alcoves require a unique ventilation control solution. As airflow or pressurization requirements change, the impact on adjacent spaces (work areas, offices, common corridors) directly contributes to the balance of the entire lab. Traccel controllers are a cost-effective platform for ventilation control applications in these adjacent spaces using BACnet® MS/TP Communication Protocol for the desired research space control strategy.

Most of the phoenix valves provided communicated with the building controls provider, Johnson Controls (JCI), over the BACnet network, and operated in a VAV manner.

The HD Buffer room contains two biological safety cabinets (BSC) style hoods, its control follows a 2-position sequence: based on the user on/off switch at the fume hoods. The Phoenix valves and switch operations were integrated and verified with JCI.

Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite

Phoenix Controls Main View Monitor Screen and APMs

Flow Tech provided (3) room pressure monitors to be utilized between critical areas in the ER’s pharmacy including:

• Ante Room

• Non HD Buffer

• HD Buffer

• HD storage

In addition, Flow Tech provided a “Main” Phoenix View monitor which also communicated to JCI via BACnet. The view monitor was programmed to display the following parameters for the (4) pharmacy areas listed above. The values displayed for each room of the view monitor are as follows:

• Room Pressure

• ACH (Air changes per Hour)

• Temperature

• Humidity

The Phoenix view monitor is very beneficial to utilize for the following procedures:

  • Setup, programming and verification of the lab controls, as well as verification of the state-mandated pharmacy area parameters required for each pharmacy being placed into use.
  • Direct visual notification of the pharmacy areas reflect real-time data of day-to-day end user operations. Should any of the lab parameters be found outside of the normal/mandated requirements, the users will receive an audible and visual alarm, as well as an alarm over the BMS network. The appropriate action can then be initiated by facilities personnel.
  • Direct visual notification of the live pharmacy area data is continuously provided. This is beneficial when state certification is being performed. Pharmacy certification professionals will have real-time parameters to use to compare any of their results to the state-mandated parameters for the pharmacy space.

A special thank you to Flow Tech’s project manager Derek Labbie for his hard work and tireless effort on this project. Derek provided most of the technical information included in this post. This Flow Tech win or this blog post would not have been possible without him!

If you’d like to learn more about how Phoenix Controls valves can reduce your energy costs or enhance the safety of your critical environment contact us today! More information can be found by visiting our website. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter,  LinkedIn,  facebook and  YouTube.

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