ABB Baldor-Reliance Motor

ABB Baldor-Reliance Motors Provide Reliable, Efficient Comfort

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) need to work to keep buildings, and the occupants, comfortable. But they also need to be energy efficient and help reduce operating costs. In buildings ranging from office towers to hospitals, schools to data centers, and across many applications – including air handlers, water pumps, cooling towers and chillers – all use electric motors, which with the addition of a variable speed drive (VFD), keeps HVAC system running in the most efficient and reliable manner. ABB’s Drives and Baldor-Reliance motor lines are designed and engineered to be a meet the needs of the HVAC industry.

Flow Tech is proud to be your single-source for ABB VFDs and ABB Baldor-Reliance motors for HVAC and pumps. Now we can easily replace both your VFD and motors if failure occurs. We can also define motor product features to aid in the selection of the motor-drive system best suited for specific applications.

HVAC Drive Motors

Specific to the HVAC industry are the ACH580 drive and several motors including the EC Titanium, General HVAC motors, Definite purpose and a variety of pump motors. ABB’s ACH580 drive offers ease of use and reliability. They can be equipped with an intuitive Bluetooth control panel allowing the drive to be controlled via the Drivetune app or directly from the control panel. The EC Titanium motor wirelessly pairs with the ACH580 for advanced motor control, higher levels of sustainability and improved bottom line for you, the HVAC system user.

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