Flow Tech Represents Badger Meter Throughout New England!

Flow Tech is excited to announce we’ve extended our equipment line and now offer flow instrumentation meters! We’re proud to partner with Badger Meter to provide more HVAC solutions in CT, MA, ME, NH and RI!

Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation

Integrating metering components with flow and temperature sensors allows building and facility managers to measure energy costs for hydronic chilled and hot water applications. Meters accurately measure flow and aid in energy cost allocation/sub-metering, energy distribution, system monitoring and operating efficiency calculations.

Badger Meter Benefits

Control and Allocate Costs

Accurate energy monitoring and measurements reduce expenses and streamline energy cost management.

Distribute Energy

Badger Meter HVAC flow measurement solutions offer the best in function and flexibility to provide effective metering throughout any facility.

Monitor Systems

Monitor operations and optimize system performance.

Calculate Operating Efficiencies

Badger Meter reading data helps you address demands for actionable intelligence and improve your operations.

Badger Meter Solutions and Applications

Hydronic Systems

  • Cooling Tower Blowdown
  • Chilled Water (Cooling) Systems
  • Glycol/Hot Water (Heating)
  • Make-up Water

System Balancing

  • System commissioning

Saturated Steam

  • Steam delivery lines
  • Make-up water


  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Chilled water (cooling)
  • Glycol hot water (heating)
  • Make-up water

About Badger Meter

Badger Meter is an innovator in flow measurement, water quality and control products, serving water utilities, municipalities and commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Their smart water metering solutions provide actionable intelligence that enables customers to optimize the delivery and use of water, maximize revenue and reduce waste.

Badger Meter Helps Protect the World’s Most Precious Resources.

Ready to find out how Badger Meter can benefit your facility? Contact us, 860.291.8886, to schedule a lunch and learn, or visit our territory map to learn who to discuss your next project with! Remember to stay up-to-date of Flow Tech happenings by following us on social media: LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube!

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