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Flow Tech Represents Scott Springfield, Mfg. Inc.

Flow Tech is excited to announce Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc. (SSM) has been added to our product offering. While Flow Tech has become well known for our custom air handling expertise over the past 15+ years, Scott Springfield allows us to expand our solutions capability with packaged direct expansion (DX) custom air handlers.

While that is not SSM’s exclusive air handling offering, it is unique for Flow Tech. With decarbonization and electrification efforts becoming ever more prevalent, especially in the northeast, we are proud to have a better-rounded capability to serve our loyal end users, engineers and contractors.

Core Applications


Healthcare is one of the core industries Scott Springfield serves. Equipment is built for easy and quick access for maintenance, features wash-down interiors, heavy gauge all welded stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized floors, perimeter water dams, internal protection of insulation, single and multiple direct drive fans and filtration to meet the particular use of the unit whether it be a surgical suite or patient care units. Flexibility in design options and sizing has enabled SSM to address the needs in the healthcare market throughout North America. To learn more read the Saint Mary’s Hospital project feature!


Air handlers designed for both new and retrofit applications, utilizing energy efficient technologies. Their products are tailored to the application and accommodate size and weight constraints. For example, SSM recently provided energy efficient air handlers for a number of schools in Nevada which featured heat pipe heat recovery, UV light for bacteria control and aluminum construction to meet weight restrictions of the existing structure. Common features provided include single point power source to simplify and reduce installation costs and direct drive fans for easier control and lower life cycle maintenance costs. Check out their project feature on Tyson Events Center to learn more!


Scott Springfield has developed broad experience within the industrial sector and in particular oil and gas as well as water and wastewater treatment. Having done work for clients which include Shell, Nexen Energy, Suncor and Exxon Mobil, Scott Springfield’s industrial group is able to assist engineers and owners with their particular application including hazardous area rated air handlers. Their project feature on Oyu Tolgoi Copper and Gold Mine exemplifies their expertise.

True Custom

Scott Springfield’s engineering and manufacturing experience built over the past 30 years has provided them the ability to tackle unique air handling applications as they are identified. These abilities apply from multi-purpose event centers with the unit designed to exhaust air under space upset conditions to retrofitting air handlers into spaces with limited access to providing specific owner requested features for service and operation. Learn how they helped the Calgary Olympic Oval with their customized solutions.

About Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc.

Built With Pride Since 1978, Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc. (SSM) is a leading manufacturer of custom air handlers. Utilizing the latest technologies to design and manufacture, they provide their clientele with a flexible solution to their air handler needs. SSM works closely with building owners, facility managers, engineers and contractors to design reliable, safe, and energy efficient air handling packages. Using the same philosophy upon which their company was founded on – to optimize equipment design, maximize performance, control final cost and deliver a product that is Built with Pride. Their client list includes high profile medical and commercial facilities, institutional facilities, government agencies, as well as industrial organizations in oil and gas, mining, aerospace and more. SSM’s workplace culture puts customers first, and values teamwork, innovation and accountability. 

Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc. has garnered a hard-earned reputation for customer service, quality and reliability through the unwavering commitment to our 4 drivers:

Ready to learn more about Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc. and how their equipment can benefit your facility? You can learn which Flow Tech salesperson covers your area by checking out our territory map or give us a call, 860.291.8886. Remember to stay up-to-date of Flow Tech happenings by following us on social media: TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and YouTube!

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