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Flow Tech Stocks ABB ACQ550 Drives for Water and Wastewater

Flow Tech is proud to serve the water and wastewater industry with our ABB variable frequency drives. For our customers’ convenience, we now stock ACQ550 drives (up to 200 hp) in our warehouse in South Windsor, CT. This means if you run into an emergency, or need a retrofit/replacement drive immediately, we have the capability of getting one to you in hours or days, not weeks or months.


Brian Robinson running a diagnositc test on an ABB ACQ550 (wastewater variable frequency drive).


Flow, level, pressure efficiently controlled.

Water and wastewater processes have to be efficient and reliable. Your pumps, conveyors and other motor driven applications all use energy, and optimizing those processes should be simple. ABB’s variable speed drives and scalable programmable logic controllers (PLCs) feature built-in application functions to control flow, pressure, and level; they can even help you see how much energy you are saving.

Whether you require low and medium voltage drives and PLCs in desalination or irrigation plants, in pumping stations, in municipal freshwater and wastewater treatment plants or for water and wastewater networks, we have a full automation portfolio of products. This offering includes motors for all applications, specified to your requirements.

Built-in control, the reliability you expect, and saving energy. Everything counts when you are optimizing your water and wastewater processes.


Product highlights:

  • Built-in intelligent pump control functions
  • Dedicated PLC water application libraries
  • HMI operator control panels
  • IE4 Synchronous Reluctance motor and drive packages
  • Flexible communication and connectivity options
  • Remote monitoring and control options
  • Wide global availability
  • Global service network

To learn more about ABB’s variable frequency drives and the drives we stock visit our website, or contact us today. Brian Robinson is our resident water/wastewater drive expert and you can always contact him, or our Inside Sales rep Andrew Marques for more information. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.


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