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Flow Tech is a Proud Sub-contractor of the CT Building Congress Winning Project Team Award- UCONN Student Rec Ctr.

Flow Tech, Inc. is a proud member of the Connecticut Building Congress (CBC). The CBC is an organization whose mission is to provide a collaborative environment that fosters relationships and contributes to the growth and success of the construction industry in Connecticut. As an industry association, the CBC creates a forum for building professionals to connect, learn, and grow.

Through their Project Team Awards (PTA) program, the CBC recognizes outstanding building projects every year that exemplify project team excellence and represent the best practices in teamwork by project owners, architects, engineers, constructors and trades. To receive recognition, firms are encouraged to submit award entries for projects whose team members have met or surpassed goals and achieved higher project quality through this close collaboration.

Flow Tech is extremely proud to have been involved in 3 of the CBC PTA winning projects by providing solutions to improve the comfort and safety of these facilities! Keep reading to learn about our involvement in the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Student Recreation Center.

Photo credit: Robert Benson Photography

UConn Student Recreation Center

Category: Higher Education (Large)

Award: Merit

Location: Storrs, CT


UConn’s Student Recreation Center was achievable through a fully engaged project team that worked tirelessly from concept to ribbon-cutting to deliver a new, dynamic hub located in the epicenter of campus. With a long-standing reputation in collegiate athletics and nationally ranked for academic excellence, UConn now has a recreation center that supports the University’s broader program to attract and retain students and to promote well-being and resiliency of all members of the campus community. The project team worked in close collaboration with administrators and student stakeholders’ groups to gather input and build consensus throughout the entire process.

Photo credit: Robert Benson Photography

Project Team

*Indicates CBC Member

Systems and Services Flow Tech Provided

One of the TMI Climate Solutions air-handling units shortly after it was lifted by crane into the mechanical room penthouse.

TMI Climate Solutions Custom Air-handling Units

Flow Tech provided (6) custom TMI Climate Solutions air-handling units (AHU) for UConn’s Student Rec Center. Air-handling units house the equipment and systems needed to heat and cool a facility. Through our manufacturer, TMI, we were able to provide total customization on the type of equipment and systems included in the units, as well as the size and dimensions needed for the available space. Each unit was outfitted with ebm papst EC fans to help the movement and flow of the supply and exhaust air. Each AHU also featured various forms of air-to-air energy recovery.

Air Monitor Corporation (AMC) Air Flow Measuring Stations

We provided (7) AMC air flow measuring stations to ensure proper airflow control within the facility. Including air flow stations on this project was not only important for the health and comfort of the building occupants but it was also important for the health and long term performance (longevity) of the building.

TAMCO 1000 Series Dampers

Six TAMCO dampers were included on this project to help regulate the air flow into each air-handling unit.

TOXALERT Gas Detection System

Flow Tech was happy to provide a TOXALERT carbon monoxide sensor with weatherproof enclosure to protect the rec center occupants from dangerous carbon monoxide levels and to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Photo credit: Robert Benson Photography

The University of Connecticut has been a long-time customer of Flow Tech and it was a pleasure to enhance the comfort and safety of their student recreation center. It was also a great experience being a part of such an amazing project team. Thank you to all those involved!

If you’d like to learn more about this project or our solutions contact us today! More information can be found by visiting our website. If you enjoyed this post you may also like reading about our involvement in the PTA- Bristol Hospital, Emergency Department Behavioral Health Suite. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter,  LinkedIn,  facebook and  YouTube.

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