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Heat Pipe Technology’s SMART Water-Glycol Energy Recovery Systems Outperform the Competition

We’ve seen Heat Pipe Technology’s new SMART Water- Glycol Energy Recovery System generating a lot of interest and excitement, in fact, it’s becoming a very popular product since they launched in 2019. Which is no surprise when you consider that this solution out performs other glycol systems on the market, with sensible effectiveness of greater than 50%.

HPT’s system comprises optimized coil heat exchangers, associated temperature sensors as well as fully engineered modular pump skid with integrated sensors, a touch screen interface and intelligent controls. Making their system incredibly efficient as well as easy to control and monitor.

Further, HPT’s current specs include a third party testing report by Intertek, validating their results or greater than 50% in all tested scenarios.

The Intertek test report showed over 50% effectiveness using 6 rows of tubes, 12 FPI and a 500 fpm air face velocity, with lower air velocities yielded higher effectiveness reaching a high 56% at 300 FPM. All Intertek tests were conducted in accordance with AHRI Energy Recovery Ventilators (Air to Air) standard 1060-2018 and ASHRAE standards 84-2013 and 37-2009.

We’re proud to represent Heat Pipe Technology and their dehumidification and energy recovery systems. For more information about their products please visit our website, call us 860.291.8886 or follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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