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Is Your Heat Wheel Working? Contact Flow Tech for a Free Inspection!

Is your heat wheel working? Is it working efficiently? Do you know how to find out?

Contact Flow Tech, Inc. for a free heat wheel inspection!

At Flow Tech, Inc. we strive to be your trusted source of HVAC expertise. Our goal is to become a resource that you can leverage to make sure you are maximizing the energy savings available to you through your HVAC system and its heat/energy recovery options. The first step to achieve our goal is to ensure your Heat Wheel is saving you as much energy, and money, as possible.  We are now offering free heat/energy recovery wheel inspections to confirm the performance of your wheel is operating as intended.


About Heat Wheels

heat wheel media

Heat wheel media (desiccant).


Heat wheels are remarkable energy and cost savers, but is yours doing its job? Energy conservation and cost reduction are enormous concerns in all industries but they are especially crucial in facilities with requirements for a large percentage of outside air in air handling and conditioning. Don’t let your energy savings go to waste!

When a heat wheel ages it can lose performance as the properties that transfer latent and sensible heat break down, or the mechanical properties of the wheel are compromised. This can mean the coating on the media (desiccant) has worn away, is clogged with particulates or the mechanical components such as the drive, motor or wheel itself are damaged.


Inspection Steps

gear motor

Self-tensioning gear motor.


  1. Check that the wheel does rotate and is not physically damaged (never skip the obvious).
  2. Determine if the media is clogged.
  3. Take performance readings across the wheel to determine if it is still transferring energy as originally designed.
  4. Provide a performance report and action plan.


Next Steps…

Factory testing

If the wheel needs to be replaced, Flow Tech, Inc. is your source for the best replacement wheels. We will work with your maintenance personnel or mechanical contractor and our Thermotech factory team to design a replacement wheel that will be easy to install, at the best price, with top performance. Want to get started today and schedule your free inspection, or do you have questions? For more information about the inspection process, we encourage you to contact Mike Davis, 860.221.0887.

For general Flow Tech inquiries, you can always visit our website or email us. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube!

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