How to Commission the ABB ACQ580 Pump Clean Function – It’s as easy as ABB!

The release of the ABB ACQ580 variable frequency drive has generated a lot of buzz and excitement for Flow Tech and the water/wastewater industry at large. We’re proud to represent such an innovative product throughout New England. We jump at the chance to educate users on the features and benefits of this product. When ABB came up with “The 60 Second Challenge” it was an obvious choice for us to participate.

The 60 Second Challenge is an online competition for ABB’s channel partners to provide short informational videos showing how you commission a built-in pump function of the ACQ580. Obviously this campaign is to help promote the ACQ580 and build brand awareness for ABB but it’s also meant to show our consumers just how easy it is to commission this variable frequency drive. Below is the video Flow Tech’s Larry Scola created to demonstrate the ease in which someone can set up the pump clean function on these new drives.

We hope you found this video helpful and informative. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information regarding this video. We’re also happy to set up a lunch and learn to discuss the features and benefits of the ACQ580 in greater detail. Periodically we offer Drive Expert Training to individuals who work with ABB drives on a regular basis so they become more familiar with the drive and learn how to troubleshoot. For more information regarding that training you can contact Nichole Petersen. If you’re interested in becoming certified for drive start-up we recommend contacting ABB directly.

To learn more about our products and services please visit our website or email us. If you’d like more information about variable frequency drives please reach out to Larry or Brian Robinson. As always, to stay up-to-date on the latest Flow Tech happenings we encourage you to follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and YouTube.

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