Improve Comfort, Safety & Work Productivity with NJK Precision

With the addition of NJK Precision to our line card, we are proud to further our purpose of helping create the safest, healthiest and most efficient building environments. Reliable air monitoring and measurement are what keep building occupants alive.

Make Your Facility Healthy & Safe

  • Trap allergens and airborne particles
  • Experience energy savings
  • Maintain airflow management in healthy spaces
  • Meet/exceed modern building code requirements in commercial real estate
  • Mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne viruses
NJK Precision Benefits

How NJK Technology Works

Every NJK Precision Sensing Probe is calibrated on a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified laboratory testing station and verified for accuracy of flows from the maximum to the minimum flow that can be read with this airflow station.

Inlet air from all inlet apertures is channeled through the inlet chamber and then through the NJK Precision Sensing Probe. Air leaves the Sensing Probe and is drawn into the outlet chamber, where it is brought back into the duct system through the outlet apertures.


NJK Precision air monitoring station’s ultralow flow accuracy allow air handling systems to be finely tuned to save energy by reducing the use of excess fresh air delivery while improving comfort, health and workplace productivity. NJK airflow solutions are ideal for many applications including:

  • Clean room airflow measurement
  • Floor level airflow measurement
  • Laboratory airflow measurement
  • Outdoor airflow measurement
  • Precise control of outside air exchange rates
  • Precise control of room air exchange rates
  • Supply, return and exhaust airflow measurement
NJK Precision Applications
Airflow measurement and monitoring for clean rooms.

NJK Features

Technologically Advanced

  • Patented Dual-Chambered air-sampling technology and airfoil design to dynamically normalize turbulent airflows inherent in the ductwork
  • Reliable thin film resistor sensing module using advanced thermal dispersion technology
  • Accurate flow readings to less than 50’ per minute
  • NIST Traceable calibration over multiple flow points (25 to 37) from full flow down to the lowest measurable flow
  • Sensor probe mount inside sensor housing (optional exterior mount)
  • Sensing probe and transmitter connections using an RJ-45 connector with 100% watertight connectors
  • The NJK Precision sensor utilizes an integral signal dampening feature to smooth out signal in high transient and crosswind applications

Easy to Install

  • Standardized with the special NJK-02 Anodized Extruded Aluminum product construction
  • Optional field assembled construction options for applications with limited access or when a sheet metal contractor may not be readily available
  • Can be added onto existing buildings or incorporated into totally new construction
  • Low installation cost
  • Installs with minimal ductwork needed ahead or after sensor
  • Easier installation process and guidelines

More Precise

  • Calibrated and scaled for NIST-certified airflow testing stand accuracy ratings with 0.19% uncertainty at 95% confidence
  • Accurate flow readings to as low as 50 feet per minute
  • NIST-traceable calibration over multiple flow points (25 to 37) from full flow down to the lowest measurable flow
  • Dual-Chambered Airfoil Design allows airflow measurement through ductwork requiring minimal duct lead-in or duct lead-out for accurate operation
  • NJK Sensor transmits a 1 to 10 VDC calibrated flow signal to the BAS with total accuracy calibrated to as low as 50 feet per minute airflow
  • Accurate reads, even at extremely low flows, so operators can control fresh air intake volumes even when supply fan speeds are low or decreased
  • Flow signal is given directly in cubic feet per minute
  • Thin film resistor sensors provide accurate flow readings in all temperature and humidity conditions
  • Improved product durability and lifespan
  • Mounting assemblies available for many applications

A Unique Multi-Sensor Installation

NJK Precision offers an economical option for multiple sensor installations that aren’t available from competitors. Instead of requiring a dedicated display unit for each airflow measuring station they offer one Multi Sensor Hub. Along with the hub, a multiple sensor Signal Processing Unit (SPU-M) saves on hardware and installation costs. Up to eight stations can be connected to an SPU-M through the hub.

An operator can simultaneously monitor four airflow values from a single location. The SPU-M is powered by 24 volts (A.C. or D.C.) and provides four 1-10 VDC output values to the building automation system, airflows can be automatically added together for a total sum of airflows.

About NJK Precision

NJK Precision is committed to a new way of doing business through a powerful combination of solutions, selection, and support. Engineering expertise and innovative thinking drive them to continually improve products and services for their customers. Their patented Dual-Chambered Airfoil Design that dynamically normalizes turbulent airflows in ductwork and other spaces, is a key innovation that enabled their ability to accurately read airflow even at extremely low flows. The sampled airflow is measured through a single mass airflow “thin film” Sensing Probe. Thin film resistors have been in use for many years in high-accuracy applications such as laboratories and in the automotive industry, ensuring that their products are time tested for reliability. But their commitment to accuracy doesn’t end there. Each NJK Precision Sensing Probe is calibrated and scaled for accuracy ratings across its entire range on a primary NIST-certified airflow testing stand (with a 0.19% uncertainty at 95% confidence).

Our Territory

We look forward to our continued partnership and developing new ones with MEP design professionals, mechanical and controls contractors, and building end users.

We’re proud to support projects and buildings with NJK Precision airflow measurement within Eastern MA, ME, NH, RI and VT!

Contact Info

Tom Halgas

Tom Halgas | Sales Engineer | 860.918.9047 |

Tom started with Flow Tech as a Field Service Technician specializing in supporting Aircuity facility monitoring systems. He transitioned into a Sales Engineer role and began selling the system. Tom now represents several of our product lines, Aircuity, Badger Meter, Critical Environment Technologies and NJK Precision.

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