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Indoor Growing With SecureAire Active Particle Control

After recently attending the Hartford Business Journal Business of Cannabis event in September, I was inspired this quarter to write about SecureAire active particle control. Why is this important for cannabis? Active particle control can help in two major ways – I’ll break it down into a problem growers know they have and one they don’t know they have.

Problem 1: Odor

The first issue, that growers know all too well, is odor. As cultivation/grow facilities continue to be built throughout CT, commercial and residential neighbors will express concern about the smell. That distinctive skunk smell, of which I’m sure those with more refined nostrils could differentiate, will be an issue and will even be a contributing factor for some towns putting a moratorium on grow facilities altogether.

Problem 2: Mold & Disease

The second issue that growers may not know they have, or know they have but aren’t sure about how to fix it, is mold and disease. Mold and disease can kill the plant or inhibit its growth. Worse yet, cultivated plant with mold and bacteria that is ingested can cause health issues for the consumer, creating liability for the grower.

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The Solution: SecureAire Active Particle Control

Here’s where active particle control comes in. Installing SecureAire filtration either as a standalone system in a grow facility or in the supply air handler/distribution ductwork can remove the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause severe smell. It also helps move and capture the mold and bacteria that inhibits plant growth and harms the consumer. The result is more productive, quicker yields with less smell. Some customers are even reporting higher THC content per plant!

This technology can also be applied to non-cannabis indoor growing. As hydroponic and vertical grow facilities become more commonplace and the market demands more pesticide-free produce, these clean spaces will be able to benefit from active particle control.

Flow Tech is all about safe, healthy and efficient buildings, so let us help with your grow facility! For more information on SecureAire and active particle control, please contact us or reach out to me directly. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: LinkedInfacebook  and YouTube.

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