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Keep Parking Garage Occupants Safe from Hazardous Gas with TOX-Net by TOXALERT

To further support our mission Flow Tech has been filming and releasing videos that either address our customers’ questions or provide training on the use and maintenance of our applied and engineered HVAC equipment and systems.

Today’s release, TOXALERT TOX-Net System for Safe and Energy-Efficient Parking Garages, showcases how using the TOX-Net system by TOXALERT can keep occupants in underground garages safe from hazardous gas levels.

This short video promotes the newest addition to Flow Tech’s Demo Lab – TOXALERT’s TOX-Net system. The TOX-Net system is ideal for large, underground/enclosed parking garage applications. The system detects hazardous gas from vehicle emissions and ensures dangerous levels aren’t reached, keeping garage occupants safe. The TOX-Net system also prevents gas from leaking to other parts of your facility through energy-efficient ventilation.

Flow Tech, Inc. is the proud TOXALERT representative in Connecticut and Western MA. The TOX-Net system is the newest addition to our Demo Lab and we’d love to give you a live demonstration. Give us a call to learn more, 860.291.8886, or send a web inquiry.

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