M.K. Plastics

M.K. Plastics’ Plastifer® K-Kore® Axijet® Exceeds Air Leakage Requirements


Founded in 1963, MK Plastics is a global leader in the production of corrosion resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, their products are AMCA Certified for Air and Sound Performance. Speaking of patents, M.K. Plastics has another in the works for the construction of their K-Kore® plenums…

M.K. Plastics announces that K-Kore®, the industry’s first double-wall Fiberglass-Reinforced-Plastic (FRP) plenum, has been independently tested to exceed SMACNA class 2 requirements at 10” of static pressure. The SMACNA air duct leakage test manual is the current standard for determining leakage rates. The lower the leakage class, the better the performance. Most of today’s commercial HVAC equipment manufacturers publish SMACNA leakage rates between SMACNA 6 and SMACNA 3 (usually only custom-built units achieve a 3).


K-Kore® plenums have been independently tested at 10” of static pressure, achieving an incredible rating of SMACNA class 1.6. At the same time, panel deflection of less than L/240 was also tested and confirmed. M.K. Plastic’s extensive research and development test program has led the development of a patent-pending construction that virtually eliminates air leakage paths.


Their unique panel design, combined with the special properties of FRP and the adhesives used in the assembly process, result in a panel that is structurally sealed on two sides. Double-seals are provided at all panel joints.  This creates an incredibly airtight assembly and results in the best leakage rate in the industry, bar none. Depending on the unit size and airflow capacity, this can mean a leakage rate of less than 0.1% at 10” w.g. of static pressure.  Another industry first for M.K. Plastics and K-Kore®!

Flow Tech, Inc. couldn’t be happier to represent such an innovative and forward-thinking company. To find out more about this patent-pending technology or if you have questions about the M.K. Plastics line we carry don’t be afraid to contact us.  We’d love to help you out!

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