Commercial buildings include an array of building functions, from office space to public works facilities, casinos and libraries. Although different, they all have HVAC equipment, and they all consume energy. Twin City fans help exhaust air efficiently from occupied spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and common spaces. Thermowheel and heat pipes offer air-to-air energy recovery solutions to maximize equipment efficiency and energy savings.

Commercial Project Case Studies

Mohegan Sun - Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Travelers - Maintaining Quality Controlled Airflow

Town of Colchester - Aeration Tank Fan Replacement


Medical campuses require clean, efficient and reliable air handling systems. Ventilation systems have become increasingly specialized and scrutinized to insure efficient operation while keeping building occupants safe and healthy. Air Enterprises custom air handling systems have an inherently low leakage design and their 40-year warranty guarantees the lowest operating and maintenance costs. Steril-Aire UV products protect air handling systems against microbial growth that would negatively affect building occupants.

Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which virus containment solutions do you provide?

What if the ER or OR air-handlers go down?

Who do I call if there is a drive failure?

How do I protect parking garage occupants from harmful emissions.

Higher Education

Higher Education campuses are constantly under construction, and not every project is new. Making renovations, or building additions to existing structures is often the reality. Flow Tech is there for you when retrofitting or customization is necessary. We’ll supply TMI Climate Solutions for those out-dated, hard-to-reach air-handling units.

Universities also house a wide array of building types, from science buildings to classrooms, dormitories to dining halls. All of these buildings consume energy. Flow Tech specializes in helping these campuses save energy, and money, on the operation and maintenance of their HVAC equipment. From ABB VFDs to complete facility monitoring solutions like Aircuity, we’ll help your institution achieve higher energy standards.


Industrial and manufacturing facilities are complex in terms of heating, cooling and ventilation. Often involving multi-building facilities with large machinery and equipment, hazardous chemicals, ensured occupant safety, and a range of other concerns, HVAC systems for these facilities require extra attention and specialized products. ABB VFDs provide the most energy-efficient means of controlling the flow of air and water in a manufacturing plant’s HVAC system by varying the applied voltage and frequency on compressors, fans and pumps. VAW Systems noise control products are also very important in a factory environment, whether you’re trying to protect workers from unsafe noise volume, or trying to avoid disturbing neighboring businesses and homes. Aside from providing a wide-range of products to keep plants and factories operating safely and efficiently, Flow Tech offers 24/7, on-call service, preventative maintenance and training to keep buildings running smoothly long after project completion.

ABB ACH580 Training Videos

Learn tips and tricks when navigating ABB's ACH580 variable frequency drives. Videos include using the drives' primary settings, HVAC quick set-up, control panel functions, Bluetooth connectivity and more!

K-12 Schools

Educational budgets are the largest part of nearly every town’s budget. This is what makes it so important to make our school buildings run efficiently. VAW Systems sound attenuators keep HVAC generated noise to a minimum, helping foster our children’s learning environment. Air Monitor Corporation’s airflow measuring stations help ensure minimum ventilation requirements to maintain a healthy environment for students and teachers alike.


Typically, research buildings have high airflow rate demands to keep building occupants safe. Higher airflows mean more energy, and Flow Tech is well-equipped to help provide energy-saving solutions for these high-demand applications. For instance, Phoenix Controls Celeris product line meters airflow to and from laboratory spaces, while M.K. Plastics exhaust fans helps remove harmful fume hood exhaust gases away from the building efficiently.

Did You Know?

Flow Tech improves the comfort, safety and efficiency of lab and research environments.

Water & Wastewater

Water and wastewater facilities are major users of municipal operating budgets. As municipalities face increasing budget restraints, the efficiency of these systems is imperative. ABB variable frequency drives on process pumps and other equipment can be programmed to optimize efficiency based on plant loading. TOXALERT gas detection systems help keep plant operators safe from harmful gases that are generated within the plant.

Town of South Windsor Testimony

"Flow Tech has come to the rescue many times to help keep the town’s various water pollution control facility pumps running."  – Tim Friend, Town of South Windsor Department of Public Works

Reducing Town Pool Energy Consumption Case Study