Thermowheel energy recovery

New and Retrofit Solutions for Energy Recovery Wheels

Heat wheels, also known as energy recovery wheels, are remarkable energy and cost savers, but is yours doing its job? Energy conservation and cost reduction are enormous concerns in all industries, but they are especially crucial in facilities with requirements for a large percentage of outside air in air handling and conditioning. Don’t let your energy savings go to waste!

When a heat wheel ages it can lose performance as the properties that transfer latent and sensible heat break down, or the mechanical properties of the wheel are compromised. This can mean the coating on the media (desiccant) has worn away, is clogged with particulates or the mechanical components such as the drive, motor or wheel itself are damaged.

Who do you turn to when you need a replacement, retrofit or new energy recovery wheel?

When it comes to energy recovery wheels there is no shortage of manufacturers in the marketplace to choose from. Don’t be fooled: not all wheels are created equally! Thermotech Enterprises star product, the Thermowheel, is robust and backed by nearly 40 years of installations. What started out as one hardworking Swedish immigrant named Krister Eriksson helping other manufacturers replace their defective wheels, turned into a company building the best wheels the market had to offer. With an available industry best 10-year part AND LABOR warranty, and a unique direct drive offering, Thermotech is positioned to lead when it comes to custom air handlers with energy recovery and energy wheel retrofits.

Thernotech Heat Whee;
Model Thermowheel energy recovery wheel at the Thermotech Factory in FL.

Thermotech offers three product lines that can be summarized as follows:

  1. TC – Entry level wheel for smaller applications (typically <15,000 CFM). Aluminum frame and 3-year parts and labor warranty standard.
  2. TF – Flagship wheel for large applications (typically >15,000 CFM up to an astounding 150,000 CFM, 20’ diameter wheel!). Comes standard with 10-year, part AND LABOR warranty.
  3. TR – How it all started, retrofit wheels. Flow Tech performs a site survey to replace existing wheels with new media, hub, bearings, motor, controls, etc. in the existing wheels frame.

Flow Tech, Inc. can assist with design and layout of Thermowheel energy recovery wheel air-handling systems for the most energy efficient air-to-air energy recovery. Besides new air handling applications, Flow Tech specializes in energy recovery wheel retrofits and replacing existing heat-wheel systems. We can work with your contractor or hire a contractor ourselves and provide you with turnkey delivery. If your heat wheel isn’t working properly, call us for a free inspection.

Mike Davis at Therotech Factory
Mike Davis at the Thermotech Factory in FL.

Want to get started today and schedule your free inspection, or do you have questions? For more information about the inspection process, or Thermotech’s energy recovery wheels, we encourage you to contact Mike Davis, 860.221.0887. For general Flow Tech inquiries, you can always visit our website or contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: TwitterLinkedInFacebook and YouTube!

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