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New Product Announcement: Heat Pipe Technology Moisture Eliminators

Heat Pipe Technology recently announced a new addition to their product offering which is now available in SelectPlusTM. As of June 1st, MOISTURE ELIMINATORS can be selected for energy recovery heat pipes (HRM-Os), split passive energy recovery (HRM-Vs), as well as vertical tube wrap around heat pipes (DHP-Vs). Given the horizontal fin design of these products, condensate management is more critical when compared to other products with vertical fins. Moisture eliminators can help manage/control water carry-over for applications where extended drains pans cannot be installed or in addition to extended drain pans.

Users with SelectPlusTM accounts can select moisture eliminators for over/under configuration HRM-Os by clicking a check-box located on the performance results page.

Heat Pipe Technology Moisture Eliminator

Selecting a Moisture Eliminators
The default option will be that HPT provides the eliminators, so if one is not required or extended drain pans are used, users need to check the “Others” box. When this box is checked, you’ll see that the lower airstream static pressure drop will be updated.

For those products that are not yet in SelectPlusTM, like split passive energy recovery HRM-Vs, vertical tube wrap-arounds DHP-Vs, for those, HPT applications engineers will work with you to determine if moisture eliminators are required. If so, then, they will be included in the initial selection stage.

Specifications including moisture eliminators have already been added, as applicable, to HPT’s guide specs for various products online. Word version is also available from HPT.

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