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Why are Blender Products air mixers important?

In a smaller footprint than traditional mixing boxes, Blender Products air mixing blenders1 save facility owners time and money by eliminating the risk of freeze stat trips and frozen coils, and allow full utilization of economizer2 systems.

What do Blender Products air mixers do?

  • Deliver higher levels of mixing out door air (OA) and return air (RA) in half the distance and at a lower pressure drop than any other air mixer on the market.
  • Provide predictable levels of mixing and pressure loss with each size and configuration.
  • Ensure the system will operate as expected at specific outdoor-air design temperatures.
  • Allow full utilization of free cooling/heating, and thereby save building owners significant operating expense.
  • Minimize sensor errors caused by temperature and velocity stratification, thereby ensuring accurate temperature sensing and control.
  • Even the velocity profile to extend system components' working life and efficiency.
  • Increase indoor air quality (IAQ) with well-mixed return and outdoor air resulting in more breathable air for building occupants.

Where should Blender Products be?

Any building that requires high ventilation rates, has an increased need for out door air or has stratification problems

  • Casinos
  • Data centers (class 4)
  • Government office buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Higher education institutions
    • Dorms
    • Lecture halls
    • Labs
  • K-12 Schools
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Mission critical environments
  • Office buildings
  • Pharmaceutical/research labs

Who should be interested?

  • Mechanical engineers/design professionals
  • Building owners
  • Mechanical contractors
  • Building facilities personnel

Regions Served

Flow Tech is the proud sales representative for Blender Products engineered air mixing products and equipment in Connecticut and Massachusetts’ Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties.

Important Terms

1Air mixing blenders are proprietary equipment that evenly mix out door air with air returning to an air-handling unit from inside a building (return air), for the purpose of maintaining breathable air at a comfortable temperature.

2Economizers are mechanical devices intended to reduce energy consumption or to perform a useful function such as preheating or precooling fluid or air.

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