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Why are Chillermen Evaporative Condensing Chillers important?

Chillermen evaporative condensing chillers1 lower system condensing temperatures, reduce equipment horsepower and save more energy compared to traditional air-cooled systems. With Chillermen you'll experience:


  • Lower Costs. In addition to energy savings, the reduced compressor KW draw can lower electrical installation costs because less wire sizes, disconnects, and other electrical controls are needed. Because the compressors work against a smaller pressure than air-cooled systems, repair costs and downtime can also be reduced and component life extended.


  • Energy Efficiency. Using evaporative condensing to lower the condensing temperature reduces compressor workload and improves the overall efficiency of your system.


  • Reliability. Safety systems maximize equipment life span, reduce maintenance cost and minimize down time.

What do Chillermen Evaporative Condensing Chillers do?

Evaporative condensing chillers use the cooling effect of evaporation to improve the heat rejection process. Water is sprayed over the condensing coil from above while air is simultaneously blown up through the coil from below to naturally lower the condensing temperature. The lower condensing temperature reduces the compressor workload. As a result, your system operates more efficiently and uses far less energy than air cooled alternatives.

Evaporative Condensing Chiller System Benefits:

  • Plug and play operation
  • Proprietary controls paradigm
  • Serviceability and reliability
  • Custom designed systems

Where should Chillermen be?

  • Aquatic centers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Data centers
  • Demand response, ice storage
  • Pharmaceutical/research labs
  • Schools

Chillermen Applications

  • Comfort cooling
  • Demand response program
  • Industrial cooling

Who should be interested?

  • Mechanical engineers/design professionals
  • Building owners
  • Mechanical contractors
  • Building facilities personnel

Regions Served

Flow Tech is the proud sales representative for Chillermen evaporative condensing chillers in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Important Terms

1An evaporative condensing chiller is a device that converts refrigerant contained within a closed circuit from a heated vapor to a cooled liquid form by the evaporation of water sprayed on the exterior surface of the refrigerant tubing.

Ready to find out more?

Did you know evaporative condensing chillers use 30% less energy than air cooled systems?