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MANN+HUMMEL - Air Filtration Americas

Why is MANN+HUMMEL - Air Filtration Americas important?

MANN+HUMMEL - Air Filtration Americas' products lead to better health and wellness of building occupants. By separating the useful from the harmful their engineered filtration systems contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.

What does MANN+HUMMEL - Air Filtration Americas do?

MANN+HUMMEL's engineered filtration systems maintain healthy air quality by controlling particulate and molecular contaminants. Their filtration systems offer solutions for:

  • Air filtration
  • Molecular filtration
  • Particulate filtration
  • Purity in production
  • FDA high-purity air quality compliance

Where should MANN+HUMMEL be?

  • Airports/Transportation hubs
  • Cannabis grow facilities
  • Cleanrooms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Data centers
  • Healthcare complexes
  • Hospitality venues
  • K-12 schools
  • Labs and pharmaceutical sites
  • University and college campuses

Who should be interested?

  • Mechanical engineers/design professionals
  • Building owners
  • Mechanical contractors
  • Building facilities personnel

Regions Served

Flow Tech is the proud sales representative for MANN+Hummel air filtration in Connecticut and Western MA.

Ready to find out more?

As a global leader and expert in the field of filtration, MANN+HUMMEL is tackling climate change in urban areas!