3 sizes of the ABB ACQ580 drives

Project Feature: ABB ACQ580 at Barnes Ave Pump Station

Have you ever thought about what happens when you flush a toilet and where the wastewater goes? Wastewater originating from your home or business is typically conveyed to a town/county wastewater treatment plant by way of a sanitary sewer system. The wastewater travels through a series of pipes to get to its destination. A pump station is provided where the wastewater must go over a hill. Knowing this, you can imagine the importance of a fully functioning pump station.

The Challenge

The Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority (GNHWPCA) experienced a drive failure of one of the 18-pulse variable frequency drives (VFD) at Barnes Ave pump station. The VFD was serving one of the pumps and was vital to the operation of the facility. Having a prior relationship with Flow Tech and Brian Robinson, we were their first call. After gathering more information onsite during a walkthrough, Brian determined that the drive would need to be replaced, especially since the drive was original to the facility.

Original Cutler Hammer VFD.

The Solution

Brian recommended ABB’s 100 HP ACQ580 ultra-low harmonic (ULH) solution to replace the old drive. The ULH technology offers a more advanced and cleaner solution for drive installations where low harmonic content is desired or mandated. Its footprint is generally smaller than comparable stand-alone installations that use additional bolt-on harmonic reduction means. Its performance and simplicity of installation is designed specifically for water and wastewater applications including pumps, blowers, and compressors.

ABB ACQ580 UHL, 100 HP

Service with a Smile

After the drives arrived from the factory our field service technicians, Ray and TJ, got to work! Over the 4-day installation they performed and completed a variety of services including:

  • Programming of the variable frequency drive
  • Start-up completion
  • Connecting the VFD into the controls systems
  • Testing the drive to ensure it was operating properly and efficiently
Although TJ is hard at work he still manages a smile!


The GNHWPCA is very happy with the performance of the drive, as is the end-user, Synagro Technologies, a company who runs and maintains the pump station. They even made use of the “Pump Clean” function, which is a standard feature of the ACQ580. This function eliminates the need to pull up a pump when/if it becomes clogged, thus saving time, money and energy.

About the GNHWPCA

The GNHWPCA is is a regional water pollution authority overseeing the operation and maintenance of an extensive sewer system that includes 555 miles of pipeline, 30 pumping stations and an advanced secondary wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 40 million gallons per day. Wastewater treated by the GNHWPCA at its East Shore water pollution abatement facility is discharged into Long Island Sound and must meet both federal and state effluent quality standards. We encourage you to learn more about doing business with the GNHWPCA.

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