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Project Feature: Quinnipiac University Business School and Academic Building

We have a specific process at Flow Tech to engage our customers, and improve our win rate. If executed properly our process:

  • Promotes building end users to standardize on our equipment and systems.
  • Contributes to MEP engineers to specify our products in design.
  • Encourages contractors to supply our solutions back to the end user.

We call it the proven process because if we’re doing everything correctly – we win the project. Such was the case with Quinnipiac University’s Business School and Academic building!

Flow Tech, Inc. Proven Process Illustration

In 2022 a bid went out for a new Business School and Academic building for Quinnipiac University (QU) in Hamden, CT. Thanks to past work we already had a positive relationship with the university (end user). Additionally, our sales engineers were proactive during the design phase of these projects and collaborated with Salas O’Brien (MEP engineer) regarding Flow Tech’s custom air handling solutions, facility monitoring for demand control ventilation and critical airflow control. Fortunately, TMI Climate Solutions (custom air-handling units), Aircuity (facility monitoring for IAQ) and Phoenix Controls (critical airflow control valves) were named basis of design. These two factors tremendously helped our chances of winning but did not guarantee it.

So what sealed the deal? When the time came for FIP Construction (general contractor) to make their selections a few factors worked in our favor and ultimately won us these projects.

  1. FIP has worked with us in the past and trusted us.
  2. Three of our equipment/systems were named basis of design which enhanced our credibility.
  3. Although our pricing was about the same as our competitors we provided value engineering to get the job to come down in budget.
  4. Looming extended lead times added pressure to release equipment and we could meet the deadlines.

Business School

QU’s Business School is comprised of administrative offices, classrooms and lecture halls. We provided the following to condition the air within the building to create a healthy and comfortable environment.

Academic Building

The Academic Building is a 4-story building essentially divided into (2) halves lengthwise. One side is dedicated to classrooms and the other side is outfitted with laboratories. Levels 2-4 are dedicated to research and experiments. Level 1 is an underground basement and houses a vivarium. Here is a breakdown of the equipment and systems we provided for this building.

  • (4) TMI Climate Solutions air-handling units (AHU)
    • AHU-3 is the largest of all the air-handling units at 80,000 cfm with Heat Pipe for energy recovery and (15) fans on the fan wall
  • Phoenix Control valves serving 50 fume hoods located in the lab space
  • (4) Aircuity Sensor Suites | (19) Air Data Routers | (72) sensed locations throughout the building, including the vivarium for indoor air quality and occupant safety
  • Dozens of ABB variable frequency drives (VFDs)

Check out the video short of this big boy being installed. Fits like a glove!

TMI Climate Solutions Custom Air Handling Units

All AHUs provided on these projects utilize Air Monitor Control’s OAM II airflow stations to overcome the challenges associated with measuring outdoor air intake for HVAC systems. The airflow stations were shipped from California to Montreal where they were factory installed inside each AHU. This is beneficial because it provides a cleaner result versus having to bolt them on after installation.

The AHUs also include TAMCO motorized smoke dampers.

Special Thanks

In addition to Quinnipiac University, Salas O’Brien and FIP Construction, we’d also like to thank Mega Mechanical for working with us on the Business School and EMCOR Services New England Mechanical for working with us on the academic building. We look forward to collaborating with all of you in the future!

For more information about this or any Flow Tech project give us a call, 860.291.8886. You can find out more about our engineered HVAC equipment and systems by visiting our website. To inquire about setting up and lunch & learn or presentation for your team contact, Nichole Petersen. Remember you can always stay up-to-date about Flow Tech news by following us on social media:  LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube!

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