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Ready to Join Flow Tech and ABB in the Metaverse?

Tech experts predict that virtual meetings will transition from TEAMS, zoom, etc. to the metaverse over the next several years. What do you think?

Our manufacturer, ABB, became an early adapter to the metaverse and has already created a virtual world to conduct meetings and training for their water/wastewater division. Although development began prior to the pandemic, the world shut down only highlighted the need for such an environment. Their European customers are still slow to return to in-person meetings and ‘Water World’ offers a substitute.

Although not every facility and firm is jumping at the opportunity to buy a VR headset and jump into the metaverse this does present an interesting opportunity for how business, and more importantly variable frequency drive (VFD) training, maintenance and problem solving will be done in the future. If a technician cannot be physically present to trouble shoot a drive they could meet the facilities person in ‘Water World’, diagnose the problem and show the person how to fix the issue. Beyond that, enhanced Bluetooth capabilities may even allow the fix to be done completely virtually by sending signals to the physical VFD through the virtual world. Wild!

We had to opportunity to join James Chalmers, ABB VP of Global Water/Wastewater Sales in ‘Water World’ and it was quite the experience! Check out some video footage and behind the scenes pictures.

man wearing VF headset
Andrew Marques mentally in Water World but physically at Flow Tech.
virtual reality world
Point of view from within Water World.

We’re interested to hear your feedback on ‘Water World’ and the metaverse in general. Will you be joining us there?

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