The Scary Truth About Hospital Acquired Infections and the Safe Solution – SecureAire

Hospital Acquired Infections are a serious problem for the healthcare community. Luckily, our particle control manufacturer, SecureAire, has an interesting approach to combat this growing problem. 

Market Focus: Healthcare

Today’s healthcare market is facing ever-increasing scrutiny with respect to controlling the incidence of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Reducing HAIs has become of primary concern and it is becoming critical that healthcare facilities find immediate solutions to containing the spread of preventable healthcare-associated infections. The standard of care can and must be raised using new and existing technologies to reduce the number of HAIs.

SecureAire is at the forefront of the effort to reduce HAIs in healthcare facilities. With particle control technologies developed originally for semiconductor cleanrooms, SecureAire’s technology is ideal for these new healthcare industry standards. Their healthcare-market focused products, the AQM-100, and the ACS System provide the technology hospitals need to both measure air quality and to eliminate airborne pathogens. The Advanced Collector System (ACS) reduces contamination and has the ability to INACTIVATE or kill airborne pathogens.

How SecureAire’s Technology Works

SecureAire’s technology is different from any other air quality product. Some of the tiniest and most dangerous particles are too small to be moved by airflow alone. That’s why their ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology (PACT) conditions small particles to stick together, making them large enough to be transported from the treated indoor environment to the SecureAire filter. Small particles such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, TVOCs, gases, and odors are then killed or inactivated. Unlike ionizers, SecureAire’s technology does not produce dangerous byproducts like ozone because they use a physical process.

Take a look at the below video illustrating how SecureAire’s technology works.

Advanced Collector System (ACS)

SecureAire’s Advanced Collector System (ACS) is today’s most advanced Electronically Enhanced Air Purification System for all markets. The ACS utilizes semiconductor airborne contamination reduction technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of SecureAire’s filtration media, while providing ACTIVE Particle Control™, which helps to clean the particles from an indoor space. The ACS System also provides airborne pathogen inactivation thru our INACTIVATE™ Technology. INACTIVATE reduces organism’s ability to grow and provides the necessary voltage strength to oxidize and kill airborne pathogens.

As previously mentioned, “the ACS is the only system” that utilizes ACTIVE Particle Control™, which actually controls the movement of particles in a space. This technology provides the ability to treat all airborne challenges (particles, TVOC’s, smoke, odors and dissolved gases) the same.

SecureAire’s ACS Features and Benefits to Healthcare

  • Particle Control Technology
  • High-efficiency Filtration and Energy Savings
  • Low Static Pressure = Fan Energy Savings
  • INACTIVE Technology
  • Small Footprint
  • Ability to Measure Performance

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