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Air-hanlding Unit Solution for Little Time & Less Space: SiteBilt Time Lapse Video

When it comes to a building’s heating, cooling and ventilation requirements during new construction timelines and equipment space allocation are accounted for within the plans and specifications of the design. The HVAC system and components are installed and then the rest of the building is finalized and built around them. This is not the case when a component fails and a replacement or retrofit is needed. So what do you do when your hospital’s air-handling unit (AHU) servicing the main operating room fails? The OR can’t go without proper heating and cooling levels, nor can a wall be demolished to bring in a new unit. That’s when Air Enterprises‘ SiteBilt¬†custom air-handling units come into play.


SiteBilt install at UCHC

A crew member in a tight squeeze finishing up installation of this SiteBilt at the Uconn Health Center’s “L” building.


SiteBilt AHUs make air handling unit installation simple in tight, inaccessible spaces and are ideal for replacement or retrofit applications. SiteBilt can incorporate existing columns, beams and wind-bracing into the AHU design, and is a process that optimizes available mechanical space through on-site assembly. SiteBilt sub-assemblies are made of lightweight aluminum, allowing for easy transport through doorways, hallways and elevators for simplified installation.

In conjunction with Air Enterprises, Flow Tech can provide bridge units to support transitional replacement without interruption of service. Weekend retrofits of a building’s complete HVAC system is routine operation for our team. We replace live units with little to no downtime for non-stop air-handling.


SiteBilt Assembly

In the beginning stage of assembly at Hartford Hosptial’s Bliss Building.


Air Enterprises’ construction method allows them to make units that fit a site and situation precisely. They make units that others cannot to fit the ideal circumstances for the site, not the reverse. Every Air Enterprises AHU is custom, designed for your optimal needs. We’ll take onsite measurements, and work with Air Enterprises to mange the design to fit the available space and perform full project planning, logistics scheduling and execution.

The below time lapse video provides a great example of the quickness and ease of construction.

The AHU being replaced services the main patient treatment area of the Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME. No area for pre-assembly was available and assembly took place directly on the old unit’s pad. ABM Mechanical was the contractor and completed the installation in 2 weeks.

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