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Aircuity Helps Healthcare Facilities Meet Unique Energy Efficiency & IEQ Challenges

Aircuity helps healthcare facilities meet unique energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality challenges. “Healthy” Demand Control Ventilation continuously monitors critical IEQ factors and informs building ventilation control systems so that appropriate levels of fresh air can be provided at all times. Today’s post features a case study about how one healthcare facility relied on Aircuity for their help…

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Aircuity Safely Delivers Significant Energy Savings and Extraordinary ROI for Life Science Facilities

Research facilities need proper ventilation to maintain a safe environment for occupants, however, it is impossible to ignore the energy consumption of laboratories. Today’s post discusses how Aircuity safely delivers significant energy savings and extraordinary ROI for life science facilities. Specifically discussed is the success the University of California Irvine has had with the system…

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Drive Reliable Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings with Aircuity CO2+™

Did you know HVAC costs in commercial buildings represent 1/3 of the total energy use? Aircuity CO2+ is an exciting new addition to the market place as it delivers reliable CO2  demand control ventilation (DCV) to reduce energy use, enhance the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for occupants and provide insightful data on building ventilation performance. Nichole PetersenNichole joined Flow Tech in…

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