Achieve Substantial Savings through Demand Based Control of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust systems often account for more than 20% of a laboratory facility’s HVAC energy costs. Meanwhile, high exhaust stack velocities are typically maintained in excess of what is necessary for all but the most extreme conditions, despite the fact that the air being exhausted is usually “clean” for a majority of the time. This results in wasted energy, but is also an opportunity for additional energy savings in critical spaces…

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GEM School

Flow Tech Delivers Healthy, Clean, Energy-efficient Space for K-12 Schools

Educational budgets are the largest part of nearly every town’s budget. This is what makes it so important to make our school buildings run efficiently. Today’s post discusses two of Flow Tech’s product offerings that are especially important to the safety and air quality of educational facilities. They are also the products we are showcasing during the 2016 CSBGA Vendor Day…

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