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Aircuity Helps Healthcare Facilities Meet Unique Energy Efficiency & IEQ Challenges

Aircuity helps healthcare facilities meet unique energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality challenges. “Healthy” Demand Control Ventilation continuously monitors critical IEQ factors and informs building ventilation control systems so that appropriate levels of fresh air can be provided at all times. Today’s post features a case study about how one healthcare facility relied on Aircuity for their help…

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Morris Cove

Flow Tech Stocks ABB ACQ550 Drives for Water and Wastewater

Flow Tech is proud to serve the water and wastewater industry with our ABB variable frequency drives. For our customers’ convenience, we now stock ACQ580 drives in our warehouse in South Windsor, CT. This means if you run into an emergency, or need a retrofit or replacement drive quickly, we have the capability of getting one to your in hours or days, not weeks or months…

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The Path to Zero Net Energy: Bristol Community College, John J. Sbrega Health & Science Building

On Thursday, August 4, 2016 Sales Engineer, Tom Proietti attended the International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories’ New England Chapter’s tour of the John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA. During the tour, Tom had the opportunity to learn about all the planning and resources that went into building this state-of-the-art science lab, one of which happens to be Aircuity (our facility monitoring, efficient building ventilation system). He also learned of the challenges they faced on the path to achieving Zero Net Energy. Below consists of a summary of facility/project facts he learned, as well as some pictures he was able to take…

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ABB Variable Frequency Drives for Intelligent Motor Control and Energy Efficiency

Intelligent motor control methods — variable speed drives (also known as variable frequency drives) — can help in solving the energy challenges we all face. Variable speed drives regulate the speed of a motor and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% to 50% in many applications and in extreme cases by as much as by 90%. Pumps are one of the most common motor applications and offer the biggest potential for saving energy because at half the speed only one-eighth of the power is needed. Learn how ABB’s VFDs can help you save money in today’s post…

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Steril-Aire Delivers High Output Ultraviolet Germicidal Solutions for Airports

#TBT: The following video case study discusses how an airport expansion could have put its occupant’s health at risk due to poor indoor air quality, had it not been for Steril-Aire’s Ultra-violet germicidal solutions installed within the facility’s HVAC system. Learn how the UV emitters not only helped this New Zealand airport, but how they can help your facility as well!

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Drive Reliable Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings with Aircuity CO2+™

Did you know HVAC costs in commercial buildings represent 1/3 of the total energy use? Aircuity CO2+ is an exciting new addition to the market place as it delivers reliable CO2  demand control ventilation (DCV) to reduce energy use, enhance the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for occupants and provide insightful data on building ventilation performance. Nichole PetersenNichole joined Flow Tech in…

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Bristol Community College

Zero Net Energy Without Adding Zeroes to Cost

Zero Net Energy Without Adding Zeroes to Cost A Zero Net Energy (ZNE) academic lab-science building is without precedent in the Northeast, but in 2016 Bristol Community College will lead the way in achieving this feat with the completed construction of its John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building, designed by Sasaki Associates. Achieving ZNE…

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ABB VFDs Succeed Where Other Methods Fail – South Windsor Public Pools

Water and wastewater facilities are major uses of municipal operating budgets.  As municipalities face increasing budget restraints, the efficiency of these systems is imperative.  ABB variable frequency drives on process pumps and other equipment can be programmed to optimize efficiency based on plant loading. With summer around the corner many towns are completing final maintenance…

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